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Walking Tour of Rome with Alan Epstein

in Centro Storico


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  1. “Trust me on this... His name is Alan Epstein. He wrote the book "As the Romans Do". One of the best and funniest books on Rome and Romans you'll read. We travel to Italy and Rome often, wound up reading, laughing and loving his book during a trip a few years ago and decided to contact him and was lucky to get a tour during a stay back in 2007 (we love it so much that we ended up going out for three days in a row with him). Now, everytime we return we spend at least a day exploring Rome with Alan, at it is always the highlight of our trip. His mastery of the culture and history is woven into fantastic stories that bring Rome to life! Well worth the price of admission. His tours are private, tailored to the clients and spontanious. You'll love it. His mobile number is +1 (415) 366-7354 but he resides in Rome so check your time before calling him.”



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