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Rome Italy

Tour of Colosseum and Antique Rome

Via del Teatro Valle, 47


41.897438 12.475093

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First reviewed by Clayton

  1. “This is a great tour with an official guide. Our guide was an archeologist and she spoke excellent English.”



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  2. “There are many people selling this tour outside the Colosseum. The one we took included a tour of the Forum as well (all for 22 euro). It got us past the line-ups. The guide was great and pointed out things we would not have noticed in the Colosseum. On the Forum tour our guild was excellent and have us insight into Rome past and present and many tips on what to do in the city. The best tip is to "us the drinking fountains" and do not purchase the 4-5 euro bottled water. The water in Rome is great so drink from the many drinking fountains found all over the city (do not drink from the major attraction fountains). I do not know the name of the company but just go to the Colosseum and ask the people selling tours if they have a combined Colosseum and Forum tour.”



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