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San Francisco Bay Area California USA

Dosa on Fillmore

1700 Fillmore St

in Japantown

San Francisco

37.785360 -122.432842

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by Best Western Hotel Tomo

  1. “Dosa recently opened in 2008 and is a fantastic addition to the neighborhood. Serving up FLAVORFULL south Indian Cuisine, Dosa is a must do when in San Francisco. The menu also includes delicious cocktails made from Indian herbs and spices - including an outstanding curried bloody mary. As if these weren't enough reasons to check out DOSA, the restaurant's design isn't only glamourous, it's innovative. Just some of their eco-initiatives include solar-powered water heaters, recycled glass for the bar tops and faces, FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and non-PVC materials, energy-efficient HVAC and kitchen equipment, remote refrigeration, complete window tinting that save 4.6 tonnes in heating requirements, water-conserving low-flow appliances and intelligent energy-management hoods. It's a great spot for lunch, dinner, and even weekend brunch.”

    Best Western Hotel Tomo


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  2. “Excellent food, went there for lunch”



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