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San Francisco California USA

Mission Cliffs Climbing & Fitness

2295 Harrison St

in Mission District

San Francisco, California

37.760507 -122.412516

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First reviewed by vedra

  1. “This is an amazing place to work out, have fun, and of course rock-climb. They gave a group I was with a great rate on a week's membership and we fell in love. I was a first-time climber and only agreed to go because the gym has a traditional fitness area and yoga classes as well as climbing walls, but after a couple of trips up the beginner wall, I had no desire to turn to the treadmill or weight machines. My friends and I went back several times during the week and loved every visit. It was a great way to work out while on vacation because I was doing something different so I didn't feel like I had to step out of my vacation to make time for the gym. And if you're hungry after your work out, the burrito carts right outside serve absolutely delicious Mexican treats in the tradition of Mission District flavor.”



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