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San Francisco Bay Area California USA


710 Montgomery St

in The Financial District

San Francisco, California

37.795916 -122.403351

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  1. “A warm and inviting atmosphere, plus delicious food, has Bocadillos as one of the most popular spots in town. Don't miss the baked eggs or grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and the tapas are just fantastic. Mmmmm.”



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  2. “While I am sure that this is just one of many fantastic restaurants in SF Bocadillos should be on everybody's list of places to eat while in town. A clean and modern space offering great service and a contemporary tapas style menu. Fantastic flavours showcasing the best produce the SF area can provide. Conveniently located at the flat end of town and an easy walk from Union Square hotels. Don't miss a chance to sample the basque style tripe, you could become an ofal convert! For the less adventurous the prawns and mussels with clams are fantastic.”



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