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Shanghai Shanghai China

Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat


Shanghai, China

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by mikhail

  1. “Any kind of massage in a welcoming relaxing atmosphere (dark, quiet, intimate). Pure indulgence. Must-do after your long flight 2 Shanghai. Foot+body massage combo is just great. Inexpensive. Clean. English-speaking staff.”



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  2. “I've been to Dragonfly spas in both Beijing and Shanghai. They're amazing, beautiful, serene and now they are my benchmark for spas. First experience was in Beijing, it was winter, cold, windy, dry, those winds bringing the sand off the Gobi, combine this with my asthma and the "Beijing Air", it felt as if my lungs were filled with sandpaper. Dragonfly was recommended, I went to the Sanlitun location. If I had to say anything, it would be they saved my entire trip and possibly a trip to the hospital. I went to Dragonfly for three days, they took wonderful care of me. Same trip I landed in Shanghai...first stop after check-in was Dragonfly. Can't say enough good things about them.”



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