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Singapore Zoo

80 Mandai Lake Rd


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First reviewed by New Majestic Hotel

  1. “The Singapore Zoo is a truly spectacular place to visit. Most animals here are not kept in cages and are instead separated from visitors only by moats. Obvious exceptions to this are animals like lions, tigers, and anything else that is dangerous and can climb well. These animals are kept behind glass screens instead of bars. A visit in the daytime is surely wonderful, but if you can, be sure to check out the night safari. There is nothing else like it! You can even have "Breakfast with the Orangutans"! Also, included in the ticket price is a kids water park, which is great fun. Finally, the zoo has excellent food options so we do recommend grabbing a meal while there.”

    New Majestic Hotel


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  2. “This to me is the best zoo in the world. The landscaping is incredible and I felt happy that the animals were kept in such luxury as their surroundings were exactly like their natural habitat. They pay a lot of detail to education of these animals as well as conservation. In terms of visitors, there are many shelters and vending machines plus food kiosks for all needs. Absolutely fantastic experience! A must do in Singapore.”



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