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South Male Atoll Maldives

Cocoa Thila


South Male Atoll

-0.659165 73.037109

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  1. “Top 5 dive sites around Cocoa Island”

    Cocoa Island


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  2. “Located in the middle of Cocoa channel, this dive site is just at the back of our Island and belongs to the 10 best sites of the Maldives. It is subject to constant currents, making entry to the dive very important to be able to get the full benefit of this spectacular dive. We enter and descend down into the blue water and let the current drift us on to the reef, where huge schools of Fusiliers, Red Snapper and Big Eye Trevally congregate on the thila corner. Large Tuna, and Giant Trevally ride the currents with frequent sightings of up to 5 to 10 Spotted eagle rays as you drift along the thila edge. On top of the reef, beautiful table corals, reef fish, and big green turtles can be seen. Drifting towards the end of the thila you find Grey sharks & White tip sharks common sightings although very shy. So much to see makes this an exciting dive.”



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