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Sydney New South Wales Australia

China Doll

6 Cowper Wharf Rd

Sydney, New South Wales

-33.868563 151.220133

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First reviewed by Damian

  1. “Like many Sydney eateries, the food is pricey but what sets this apart is the great atmosphere you find on the Wharf, where there's a good mix of in-and-out business lunchers and the more leisurely locals who chat until sunset. China Doll's offerings are wonderful takes on traditional and modern Chinese cuisine, and all were done perfectly - such as the chili calamari and pork short ribs. However, the highlight was the Panang curry with Wagyu beef, which had been slow braised until you could literally cut it with a spoon. Sensational. The Laroche Petit Chablis was chilled perfectly and was almost as worth the visit itself.”



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