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Tokyo Japan

Taiko Drumming



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First reviewed by Flora

  1. “Do you like live performances and music? If so, try to book tickets to a Taiko concert. It's very Japanese with drums that look like bongos of all sizes. It's a very energetic type of show with a few more traditional and soft pieces in the mix of loud, booming, adrenaline pumping noise. When the big drum comes out (2 to 3 times the size of the men drumming), some of the men take off everything but their fundoshi to show the strength required for the long and intense drumming of some of the pieces. The sound of taiko drumming is mesmerizing.p.s. I just caught Kodo, a famous Taiko group in Japan and they were fantastic. The choreography was excellent on top of the amazing music, smooth transitions between the set-up of each piece and added humour.”



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