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Tokyo Japan

Toyshop Wonderland

The Peninsula Tokyo


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  1. “Accompanied by the hotel’s Toy Concierge, children will take a short trip in the hotel’s customised BMW to a tower of toys in the heart of the city. At Ginza’s Hakuhinkan Toy Park, founded in 1899, participants be escorted through five floors carrying the hottest items and latest gadgets, and will be assisted in any purchases they may wish to make. A complimentary Peninsula Tokyo teddy bear and beverage are included. The fee for the 90-minute programme, which is available for groups of two to four children, is ¥19,500 per child, inclusive of a 10% service charge and 5% sales tax. Bookings and enquiries may be placed with the Concierge. A 48-hour minimum advance notice is required.”

    The Peninsula Tokyo


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