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Tokyo Japan

Bassanova Ramen


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First reviewed by Allison

  1. “From Shibuya station, go to Shindaita station. Exit the station (only one way to exit this small station), cross the street, turn right. About a block or so away, you should see this ramen shop (it often has an electronic sign outside on the sidewalk).Everything there is good (tonkatsu, cold ramen during summer, tom yum...). But the one I keep going back for and have to get every time is the green curry soba. Trust me on this one. It's spicy, but I have very little spice tolerance and still cannot stop eating it. The vending machine is all in Japanese with no pictures, but it's in the left column, fourth one down. Or just ask the staff - several of them speak English and can help you figure out the ticket vending machine.They're open from 5pm to 2am on weekdays, and from noon to 2am on weekends and public holidays. Keizo (a friend of mine and the main chef and guy who runs Bassanova) says their peak business hour is around 10pm - go around dinner time and it shouldn't be too busy.It's different from any other ramen place you'll ever eat at, to be sure. But it is without doubt my favorite ramen I have ever had, in Japan or elsewhere.”



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