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Tokyo Japan

Teppen Naohiro Takahashi

日本 渋谷区宇田川町41-23 河野ビル 1F


35.662491 139.695624

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First reviewed by Arseny

  1. “A fully body experience Teppen Yaki place. Some notes:1. It's pretty communal. You sit around a table and enjoy the atmosphere, the company of fellow diners, the company of the chefs.2. This is the important part: this place is a little weird therefore you gotta act a little weird to get in. 2.a My recommendation: dress nicely, literally beg (get on your knees) the waiter to give you a seat. it always works.They have Multiple Locations but the one in Shibuya is good. Check out for the addresses. (All in Japanese)”



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