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Tokyo Japan

Tofuya Ukai

Shiba-Koen 4-4-13


35.657593 139.745056

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by The Peninsula Tokyo

  1. “Tucked away in a garden setting at the base of Tokyo Tower (a local destination if there ever was one) is Tofuya Ukai, a true “only in Japan” experience. Passing through winding garden paths, you come to a two-century old saké brewery transplanted from the country. Attentive service by kimono-clad staff, garden views and refined traditional tofu cuisine make this one of Tokyo’s showpiece dining options.”

    The Peninsula Tokyo


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  2. “A specialist tofu restaurant with tofu made on the premises: heavenly and served in a number of ways. A magical and traditional haven sequestered in the city of Tokyo. The service and views were impeccable, attentive and friendly and the food - divine. Set menu lunches were excellent value. Vintage sake vats for viewing, gardens and ponds to walk around, a cool bar... excellent.”



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