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Ubud Bali Indonesia

BONG'S Boutique Bali

Monkey Forest St. No.999

Ubud, Bali

-8.512482 115.260992

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First reviewed by simmer

  1. “located in monkey forest street, this shop is just look so high end compared to the small shops around. it looks elegant, it looks pretty, but it's cheap. its affordable and uses a very high quality workmanship. that's no way we can get those kind of dresses in our country with that kind of price.I went 3 times to their store to try everything, till I buy three dresses, I look around and check if there is any shops that sell the same thing, but they don't. the sales is friendly and helpfull just they don't really speak english well. I research around the designer is a member of United Nations designer.”



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