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Zurich Switzerland

Casa Aurelio, Lorenzo Aurelio

Langstrasse 209


47.383161 8.529686

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First reviewed by Laurent

  1. “I know that Spanish cuisine has come a long way - beyond Paella and Tapas. I cannot say that I am an avid amateur of the rocket science that has triggered the Spanish food revival of the last decade.I still love tapas bars, but I wish there were more places like Casa Aurelio in Spain itself! The food is really good and the service attentive. They brought in the best of Spain: an extraordinarily convivial atmosphere. The last time I was there, there was a band playing. One of the instruments was a harp and I discovered that one so inclined could play harp solos that rival in intensity with guitar solos. All of this in Zurich ... never thought I would end up liking Zurich so much.”



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