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Hotel Sofitel The Grand Amsterdam

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197

in The Old Center


52.370910 4.895089

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  1. “Hotel Sofitel Amsterdam The Grand offers five-star luxury in a unique and historical Amsterdam setting, with added French elegance and grandeur. The refurbishment of the restaurant at Sofitel Amsterdam The Grand has been taken as an opportunity to use the historic council chamber as a restaurant for several months – and in a very special way. A contemporary multimedia installation in the form of an oversized dining table has been added to this art deco space, as has a champagne bar. The aim is to allow the guests to share in the atmospheres in and around The Grand in an associative way; in the present, the past and in the future. Guests will hear fragments from meetings of the Municipal Executive which took place in this room for centuries, Princess Beatrix saying “I do” in 1966 and the timeless clanking of trams and party-goers enjoying themselves... New head chef Aurélien Poirot will certainly have a very special setting to present his culinary creations in his first few months.”

    Sofitel The Grand Amsterdam Hotel


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