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Napa / Sonoma Valleys California USA

Palmaz Vineyards

4029 Hagen Road

in Napa Valley

38.322399 -122.226400

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1 Reviews

First reviewed by Areta

  1. “The most interesting winery you've never heard of. I believe it's the only true full gravity-flow operation in Napa. Very James Bond-like, I was wondering when we'd be allowed to rappel down the 18 stories, from crush station down to the lower vats, which are rotated to capture the juice from above. All very stainless, futuristic, it is a unique place and the tasting was beautifully presented. The mastermind behind this winery is Dr. Palmaz, inventor of THE coronary artery stent that he sold to Johnson & Johnson and then retired to specialize in cabernets. Don't be put off by having to arrange the tasting in advance, or the long, winding private drive that you must enter through an electronically controlled gate; they are very friendly and it's definitely a cool experience.”



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