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San Diego / La Jolla California USA

Vin De Syrah Spirit & Wine Parlor

901 5th Avenue

in Gaslamp

San Diego / La Jolla, California

32.714837 -117.159859

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1 Reviews

First reviewed by Brian

  1. “This is a wine bar "hidden" in a basement off busy 5th St. At least as far as the Gas Lamp is concerned at pretty much succeeds at being different and cool. You go down the stairs and it may not be immediately apparent how to get in but there is a grass wall growing to tell you are at a different kind of place.Inside the design is the only remarkable thing. Granted I don't know wine that well but their by the glass list had some nice ones. The meat and cheese plate was generous and decent.The design came across as an adult version of Alice in Wonderland and Disney version of a wine bar. That could be interpreted as saying it was cheesy....I would say the design is more playful and fun though slightly plastic. Look at the pictures. You are in the ground and upside down at the same time.”



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