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CasaSur Art Hotel

Av. Callao 1823, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Neighborhood: Recoleta


  • Rooms : 17.5
  • Service : 19.0
  • Public Spaces : 18.0

From 5 Guest Reviews

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From $235
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From this particular corner of Buenos Aires, the vibe is almost Roaring Twenties; if there’s an economic crisis on, the news has failed to reach Recoleta. There’s an optimism about the CasaSur Art Hotel that cities like New York haven’t exhibited in quite some time. Here’s a hotel whose elegance is unabashed, from the classic Art Deco influence — and the associated heavy reliance on white, black and neutral tones — to the plush comforts of the rooms and suites and the thoughtful, discreet service. Anyone who’s ever wondered why it is that Buenos Aires is so often compared to Paris need look no further than CasaSur for a demonstration.

It’s not just the French balconies. The similarity to Paris lies in the philosophy of the place. For an art hotel, CasaSur isn’t exactly stuffed with artworks. There’s an argument to be made that the art in question might just be the art of living — for all the intimate scale of this 36-room hotel, the good life is very much on display, from the subterranean spa to the chic comfort of the accommodations to the exceedingly high quality of the food and drink offerings. Bengal, the restaurant, sidesteps the clichés of Argentinian cooking in favor of Indian and Mediterranean flavors — all accompanied, naturally, by the best local wines.

How to get there:

CasaSur Art Hotel is located in downtown Buenos Aires. Airport transfers can be arranged for USD83 each way. Please contact for assistance with airport transfers.

This hotel includes the following special privileges for Plus Members only:
  • Complimentary upgrade upon hotel check-in, based upon availability
  • 20% discount on laundry service during stay
  • Complimentary welcome drink per guest upon arrival (choice of glass of wine, cocktail, or coffee; a value of US$4.00 to US$8.00 per guest depending on drink)
  • Special welcome amenity sent to room (a value of US$ 20)
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  • CasaSur Art Hotel
  • Av. Callao 1823, Capital Federal
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Neighborhood: Recoleta

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