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Laurent Vernhes

Laurent Vernhes, our co-founder and CEO, has never been a house DJ, a nightclub impresario, a playboy millionaire or a male model -- though it would make for more interesting press, but he's considering working some or all of these pursuits into his impending mid-life crisis. Until then, his story is probably a bit like yours, though he may have spent a few more nights on the road, sampling the best and not-so-best the hospitality industry has to offer.

Laurent left his native home of France as quickly as he started his professional life, and since then has lived in seven countries on three continents. Through his nomadic existence, he has seen the inside of too many hotel rooms to count -- but like many Tablet Hotels consumers, he has developed an acute sense of what a great hotel experience is all about. In the mid nineties, at the height of his frequent flyer days, Laurent witnessed the birth of a new phenomenon. For the first time since the gilded age of the "grand old dames," which was unfortunately followed by the dark age of the cookie cutter chains, a new generation of hotels were becoming local centers of most things related to design & lifestyle - from food to culture. This inspired Laurent to create Tablet Inc. The objective of Tablet's first installment - - is to be the definitive destination for global nomads who seek to be inspired by every aspect of their experience in hotels - to identify, and reserve such hotels at the best prices.

His personal hotel tastes run from the cheapest backpackers' lodges in the middle of nowhere to the absolute heights of luxury, with very little in between -- but he still falls for a hotel with an extraordinary twist, or a personality all its own. As a frequent business traveler with a passion for architecture and design, he has stayed in most of the world's 'finest' hotels, and found many less than inspiring. The idea of Tablet Hotels is that you shouldn't have to repeat his mistakes.

In 2008, Laurent started contributing to publications such as The New York Times Style Magazine.

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