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The latest boutique & luxury hotels added to our selection.

We're relentless in our search for the best hotels, and we're religious about keeping our selection up to date. Below you'll find this week's crop of hotels that have managed to survive the rigorous vetting process. We've done our part, and now it's your reviews that decide whether they stay or go.

Masseria Agnello

Sicily, Italy

It might not sound relaxing to travel halfway around the world to stay on a farm, but agriturismo is among the most charming ways to experience authentic, rustic Italy. You won’t even get your hands dirty here: the Masseria Agnello, tucked just off the Realmonte coast on the island of Sicily, is an ex-farm, no longer a working producer. But despite a major renovation to turn it into the modern luxury hotel it is today, it maintains the property’s agricultural and historical roots everywhere you look.

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An Lam Saigon River

Ho Chi Minh Vity, Vietnam

In the heart of Old Saigon, there’s a wrought-iron footbridge with a charming name — Cầu Mống, or Rainbow Bridge — that was built by Gustav Eiffel in 1882, just a few years before the French architect designed his his iconic tower for the 1889 Exposition Universelle. Today it’s a historical landmark and a favorite venue for photographers and romantics. It’s also the starting point for your stay at An Lâm Saigon River. The hotel is located twenty minutes away from here, mind you, but you’ll get there by boat, and that boat departs from Cầu Mống Pier.

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The Ned

London, England

Formerly the headquarters of the venerable Midland bank, and more recently HSBC, the landmark building at No. 27 Poultry never lacked for atmosphere. But with the bank itself departed for points east, this Edwin Luytens original has been put to better use as a Soho House–style members’ club and luxury boutique hotel. The Ned, in fact, is more than a conceptual kin; it’s a partnership between Soho House and the American Sydell group, responsible for hotels like the NoMad in New York and the LINE in Los Angeles.

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Bajaloglia Resort

Sardinia, Italy

Italy is practically covered with beaches and villages and wineries that you’d happily go a bit out of your way for. But it’s also got more than its share of attractions so striking, so magnificent, that you’d plan a whole trip around it. Castelsardo is one of these. The medieval village was built on a rocky promontory rising up out of the Mediterranean on the northern coast of Sardinia. It’s majestic to behold at dusk, when all the lights in the town start flickering on, and perhaps even more so at night, when the entire village is aglow, appearing to float on the sea. It’s a place you have to see for yourself, ideally while relaxing on one of the terraces at Bajaloglia Resort.

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Vienna, Austria

The Urbanauts hospitality group is mounting something of an insurrection in Vienna — making an end-run around the traditional hoteliers, while at the same time delivering a professional product that amateur apartment-sharers can’t match. Graetzlhotel Meidlinger Markt joins the Belvedere and Karmelitermarkt installments as the third Urbanauts location in Vienna, this one in the Meidling district, about two miles to the southwest of the city center.

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Hotel Hotel

Canberra, Australia

Until the local taxi drivers are up to speed, you can probably expect a bit of a “who’s on first” routine. But once they’ve had a look at Hotel Hotel, they’re not likely to forget it. The hotel occupies three floors of the mixed-use Nishi building, which is by some distance the most memorable landmark in Canberra’s emerging cultural district of New Acton. The building is also home to an impressive contemporary art gallery, a bike shop, a pilates studio, a spa, and an art-house cinema — which is the long way of saying it’s the perfect location for what has to be the hippest hotel in town.

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Raas Devigarh

Udaipur, India

Frankly it’s astonishing that there aren’t more hotels like RAAS Devigarh. Not because 18th-century palace hotels are a dime a dozen in India — certainly they aren’t — but because the contrast between the faded majesty of the exterior and the sparkling modernity of the interiors is so striking. Of course a part of the impact depends upon the novelty of looking out from your all-white marble-floored minimalist fantasy of a suite through traditional jharoka windows over the rugged Rajasthani countryside.

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Pacuare Lodge

Costa Rica

If you like, you could arrive at Pacuare Lodge in a chauffeured Jeep. But why go overland when you can roll up to the hotel’s entrance in an inflatable raft, your suitcase secured in a waterproof bag, dripping wet and triumphant after a rollicking whitewater journey through the jungle? The adventure of getting to this elegant eco-lodge is half the fun, and the trip, which is apt for novices, is a spectacular introduction to the lush tropical landscape of this remote region of central Costa Rica.

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