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The latest boutique & luxury hotels added to our selection.

We're relentless in our search for the best hotels, and we're religious about keeping our selection up to date. Below you'll find this week's crop of hotels that have managed to survive the rigorous vetting process. We've done our part, and now it's your reviews that decide whether they stay or go.

Design Hotel Neruda

Prague, Czech Republic

Hotel Neruda is named for Czech writer and poet Jan Neruda, who was raised in this district, the Malá Strana, and who, by some accounts, lived in this building, a converted foureenth-century convent, just down the hill from Prague Castle. Neruda was an obsessive documentor of this neighborhood, the Little Quarter, with its shady characters and ancient, twisting streets, and the neighborhood, though gentrifying, is still colorful — not Prague's hippest, necessarily, but one of its most historic, a grab bag of architectural styles.

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Plataran Borobudur

Magelang, Indonesia

As even the interior of Bali increasingly fills with hotels and resorts of every possible description, travelers are turning to Java for their Indonesian forest fix. And central Java’s got attractions of its own, like the 9th-century Buddhist temple at Borobodur. This is the temple that looms in the background of Plataran Borobodur Resort & Spa, an all-villa hotel in the island’s central Menoreh Hills.

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Domux Home Repubblica

Florence, Italy

Italy is most famous for the depth of its history, of course, and Florence, in particular, wouldn’t be a tenth of the attraction that it is without the art and architecture of the Renaissance. But among people who care about design, Italy is also famous for its high-end contemporary furniture, and for interiors that are elegant in a way that looks forward rather than back. It’s this contemporary Italy that you’ll find within the walls of Domux Home Repubblica. But don’t worry, the other, ancient Italy is just outside — in fact, your apartment comes with a view of no less distinguished an architectural monument than Brunelleschi’s Duomo itself.

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Circa 1936

Corowa, Australia

We’ve seen some small hotels in our day, but with just three suites, Circa 1936 is barely a hotel at all. It’s converted from what used to be the Rural Bank of New South Wales, a landmark building in the sleepy town of Corowa, just over the Murray River from the Victoria side — and as you might expect, the Rural Bank of NSW wasn’t exactly a skyscraper. It is, at first blush, an unlikely setting for a stylish and luxurious boutique hotel, but that’s certainly nothing to complain about in itself. Many of the best hotels arrive in unexpected places, and something this unique is well worth three hours’ drive from Melbourne.

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Sir Joan

Ibiza, Spain

If you’re familiar with the rest of Sir Hotels’ portfolio, then you might be clued in to the location of Sir Joan: it’s the place where Joan is a gentleman’s name rather than a lady’s. For their first island outpost they’ve chosen Ibiza, and while it’s not the first time some globetrotting Northern Europeans have been transformed by their Balearic experience, it may be the first time that such a pilgrimage results in a luxury boutique hotel that genuinely improves the destination.

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AKA Beverly Hills

Los Angeles, California

With 88 units, it’s a sizable operation, which means it’s easier to find availability than hoping that one apartment you like is free. And its location, just off Wilshire Boulevard — so close to Spago as to have dedicated access through the lobby — means you’re right in the thick of Beverly Hills. But what’s quite possibly the most remarkable thing about AKA Beverly Hills is the apartments themselves; from one-bedroom suites to two-bedroom townhouses to the Penthouse Residences, they’re uniformly sleek, modern, and hyper-luxe.

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Heritage House Resort

Mendocino Coast, California

Most hotels located within sight of the California coast have a beautiful view — that’s just elementary geography. But few can boast the kind of turf the Heritage House Resort occupies. This hotel can believably call itself the jewel of the coast without causing you to roll your eyes — among other reasons, you’ll be careful not to take your eyes off of the view. Rare indeed is the hotel with oceanfront property in Mendocino, but Heritage House Resort occupies fully 37 acres of unspoiled cliffside on the coast.

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Le Mas des Herbes Blanches

Joucas, France

The idea of Provence doesn’t generally need much in the way of a sales pitch. The South of France’s most famous region is known globally for its gastronomy, its access to the Mediterranean, and its role in the film industry, and it needs little introduction. But if the sheer scale of French Riviera tourism causes you to shudder, allow us to introduce you to the quieter, (relatively) undiscovered side of this region. Mas de Herbes Blanches Hôtel & Spa thinks of itself as the region’s best-kept secret.

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