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The latest boutique & luxury hotels added to our selection.

We're relentless in our search for the best hotels, and we're religious about keeping our selection up to date. Below you'll find this week's crop of hotels that have managed to survive the rigorous vetting process. We've done our part, and now it's your reviews that decide whether they stay or go.

Vora Private Villas

Santorini, Greece

A place as naturally scenic as Santorini isn’t generally known for being on the cutting edge of design and architecture. It would be foolish to think you could compete with the legendary views of the volcanic caldera — better to keep it traditional and keep out of the way. But a hotel like Vora Private Villas proves that there’s much to be gained by a designer who’s up to the task. Here contemporary architecture complements, rather than competes with, the famous view, and the minimalist style and the traditional methods — Vora was built by hand, owing to its difficult hillside location — ensure that it meshes well with its setting and the surrounding buildings.

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Halcyon House

Cabarita Beach, Australia

Retro motels refitted into contemporary boutique hotels are one of our favorite genres of American hotels, and we can’t say we’re disappointed to see them cropping up in Australia as well. Cabarita Beach, just outside of Gold Coast on the border between Queensland and New South Wales, is a legendary surf spot, and Halcyon House opens right onto a private section of it — if you want a taste of Australian beach life at its most stylish, this is the place to get it.

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The Middle House

Shanghai, China

If you’ve been to the Opposite House in Beijing, the Upper House in Hong Kong, or the Temple House in Chengdu, then all you need to know is that Shanghai’s Middle House is the fourth member of the same House Collective. For the rest of us — or, to pass the time before your flight to Shanghai boards — we’ll elaborate. The Middle House’s interiors are by no less a light than Piero Lissoni, the Milanese architect and designer whose furniture adorns a substantial proportion of our favorite hotels in Italy and beyond. And here, his focused, near-monochrome modernist style is applied to Shanghai’s own distinctive visual language, to astonishing effect.

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Terra Dominicata - Hotel & Winery

Escaladei, Spain

Two hours due west of Barcelona, in the mountains outside the city of Tarragona, is the spectacular Montsant National Park. And in the 12th century, in the foothills to these mountains, a group of Carthusian monks established a monastery and a farm, growing grapes, olives, and other fruits. If they’d been interested in such worldly concerns as real estate, they’d have made a killing, as their taste in locations is unimpeachable — and it’s today’s hotel guests who reap the benefits, as the old monastery, now thoroughly updated, is now open to travelers in the form of Terra Dominicata - Hotel & Winery.

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Dossier Hotel

Portland, Oregon

Though you wouldn’t necessarily know it from the city’s public image, there’s another side of Portland, one that’s got little to do with hipster culture or gratuitous bird-themed artwork. Like any growing American city, it’s got its luxurious side as well, and the Dossier Hotel isn’t afraid to embrace it. But it doesn’t turn its back on what makes Portland Portland. This is a redesign of a formerly undistinguished chain hotel, and the new proprietors, the Oregon-based Provenance Hotels, have gone out of their way to feature local products and amenities, connecting the hotel with the city in a genuine way.

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Gourmet - Und Boutiquehotel, Restaurant Tanzer

Issengo, Italy

If you don’t immediately pick up heavy Italian vibes from a hotel called Gourmet- und Boutiquehotel, Restaurant Tanzer, you’re not alone. Welcome to South Tyrol, where German is spoken alongside Italian, and where the meeting of national borders seems less consequential than the meeting of the Dolomites and the Zillertal Alps. It’s here, in the Pustertal Valley, that the Gourmet and Boutique Hotel Tanzer makes its home.

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REVĪVŌ wellness resort

Bali, Indonesia

Most Balinese boutique hotels offer, in addition to a bit of relaxation, a wellness program of some sort: a spa, a pool, maybe a bit of yoga. REVĪVŌ, however, goes all the way. This brand-new boutique resort, in the hills on the fringes of Nusa Dua, features fitness offerings and spa treatments to rival the best on the island, as well as a single-minded focus on restoration — the name means “I’ll live again,” and a stay here is practically guaranteed to revive you, whether through relaxation, movement, nutrition, or a combination of the three.

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Serenity Eco Luxury Tented Camp

Xpu Ha, Mexico

The luxury tented camp, ordinarily a phenomenon in safari country — India, southern Africa — has come to Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Here, however, it’s less a colonial relic than it is an evolution of the eco-lodge phenomenon, located in Xpu-Ha, on the Riviera Maya, midway between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. This is one of the world capitals of eco-hospitality, and the Serenity Eco Luxury Tented Camp gets you as close to nature as any of the region’s low-impact, sustainability-obsessed boutique hotels.

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