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The latest boutique & luxury hotels added to our selection.

We're relentless in our search for the best hotels, and we're religious about keeping our selection up to date. Below you'll find this week's crop of hotels that have managed to survive the rigorous vetting process. We've done our part, and now it's your reviews that decide whether they stay or go.

Palazzo Albriccci Peregrini - Como

Como, Italy

It’s no secret that some of the most extravagant hotels in the world line the shores of Lake Como itself, but in the town of Como it’s possible to hide away in a hotel that’s a little less conspicuous. And while the Palazzo Albricci Peregrini is an exceedingly private place, tucked safely away from prying eyes, the experience it offers is no less extraordinary than that of its more ostentatious neighbors.

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Eaton DC

Washington DC

We’re finally going to make it all the way through the description of a Washington, D.C. hotel without any wisecracks about the capital’s aesthetic conservatism. The Eaton Hotel is impervious to that line of criticism — this isn’t just the hippest hotel in Washington, but one of the most impressive new boutique hotels in America, and it’s thanks in large part to the fact that its founder, Katharine Lo, isn’t given to half-measures.

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Little Albion Guest House

Sydney, Australia

For years the line on Surry Hills was that it was a hip residential neighborhood with more one-off shops and independent art galleries than hotels. Come to think of it, that’s still largely the case, but a hotel like the Little Albion Guest House will go a long way towards opening the inner suburbs to travelers who’d normally be coming from locations more central. “Guest house” undersells it a little bit — though it’s charmingly homey in atmosphere, this is a proper boutique hotel, with style and comforts that few apartment-shares can match.

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La Casa Rodavento

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

For a country as large and diverse as Mexico to concentrate its travel infrastructure in just a few destinations feels like a major missed opportunity. But the flip side of that is that there are some magical places that haven’t yet been given the full Cancún or Los Cabos treatment. Valle de Bravo, on the shores of Lake Avándaro, two hours’ drive from Mexico City, is one of these places — though it’s well known to domestic travelers, international visitors are only beginning to catch on. La Casa Rodavento will get you quickly up to speed on this charming town.

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Hotel Castillo Del Bosque La Zoreda

Oviedo, Spain

For as long as Tablet’s been online we’ve found Spain seems to be home to more than its fair share of impressive hotels of just about every shape and size. Perhaps slightly underrepresented, though, are the classic country-house hotels so familiar from England or France — grand residences on wooded estates, like Hotel Castillo del Bosque La Zoreda. The setting is uncharacteristically green, thanks to its location just outside of Oviedo, near the Atlantic coast, surrounded by a 75-acre forest of oak and chestnut trees.

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North Adams, Massachusetts

In far northwestern Massachusetts, roughly equidistant from Boston and New York, the Berkshires are undergoing the sort of revival that travel trend pieces are made of. Thanks in part to the redevelopment that’s accompanied MASS MoCA, the contemporary art museum, the formerly industrial town of North Adams is living a second life as a booming cultural destination. Outside the town center, on the road to neighborhing Williamstown, you’ll find another piece of reclaimed Berkshires heritage: TOURISTS, a Sixties motor lodge reborn as a very modern, very hip little country boutique hotel.

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Tulum, Mexico

Pure love, unity, and comprehension of everything and everyone — plus a clothing-optional beach and, crucially, no kids. This, in a nutshell, is the appeal of Azulik, a wellness-oriented retreat on the Caribbean coast of Tulum, a town that is itself somewhere in the space between the unspoiled idyll of an undiscovered escape and the buzzing excitement of one of the region’s hippest destinations. Azulik, like Tulum, is a bit of both; but its tranquil atmosphere and its rustic architecture, ecologically sensitive approach, and low-tech comforts tip the balance more towards serenity than revelry.

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The Share Hotels Rakuro

Kyoto, Japan

We’ve said it before: the popular image of Tokyo as the futuristic capital and Kyoto as its ultra-traditional counterpart is only true to a first approximation. But exceptions are what Tablet hotels are made of — and a hotel like Share Hotels Rakuro Kyoto just might make it possible for you to look at Kyoto in a whole new way.

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