The Tablet Hotels Price Guarantee

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Tablet Hotels works hard to bring you the lowest rates available at the hotels which we have selected. However, we are not infallible. If you have found a better rate for the same dates, the same room type and the same number of guests in the same hotel on another web site, we will do everything possible to meet or beat that rate.

Please go to the hotel's page on Tablet Hotels by clicking here. Check our rates for your dates and you will be prompted to take a few seconds to complete the price comparison submission form, and submit it. We will get back to you promptly - 7 days a week.

Rate matching is only applicable to identical conditions of sale. This offer applies to new bookings only - the rate on the other web site must be available when we check. Some hotels change their rates on a daily basis.

Please note the following:

The Tablet Hotels Quality Guarantee

We have selected nothing but the most unique and extraordinary properties from around the world, but circumstances at individual hotels can change quickly. Therefore it is up to our customers to inform us if one of our properties has taken a turn for the worse. The Tablet Hotels Meter works on a 20-point scale, and for a hotel to keep its place on Tablet Hotels, the magic number is 15.

This is not just an arbitrary figure; we have several years' worth of data, from past user feedback, and we have found that the hotels whose scores drop below 15 are those experiencing recurring problems, and guest detailed reports reflect the same serious concern, whether it be service, room quality, noise or something else.

Tablet Hotels Meter

The Tablet Hotels Meter is a running average of the ratings given to a hotel by registered Tablet Hotels users who have actually stayed at the hotel. The scores are based on responses to our feedback survey, which is sent automatically to every user after the completion of a hotel stay booked through Tablet Hotels. We receive responses every day, the scores change accordingly - in real-time.

The Tablet Hotels Meter will not display a score until we have had at least two customers rate the hotel. This way one person's unfortunate stay cannot carry too much weight. And once five guests have returned their verdicts, the rating becomes a more scientific measure of the opinion of the average guest. At this point, if the hotel's average overall score drops below 15, the hotel will be automatically removed from the site.

Your opinion really does count; in this case, it is the only thing keeping the hotels you visit on the site.

On a more positive note, the hotels with consistently top scores are featured in our "Tablet 10" lists. And as a side benefit, this system will encourage hotels to extend their best level of service to Tablet Hotels users - we turn every Tablet Hotels client into a reviewer!