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Best Boutique Hotels in NYC
Greenwich Village

One of New York's last wild neighborhoods to be tamed, the Lower East Side is at the heart of NYC's punk and indie music history, and has been home to generations of artists as well. It's also got some of Manhattan's finest nightlife, and its boutique hotels are tailored to a young, thrill-seeking audience.

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  1. The Marlton Hotel
    5 West 8th Street
  2. Walker Hotel Greenwich Village
    52 W. 13th Street
  3. The Standard, East Village
    25 Cooper Square

Greenwich Village is centered on Washington Square Park and NYU and reaches westward towards the Hudson River, with Soho to the south and Union Square/Flatiron/Gramercy to the north. The 'East' Village was actually part of the Lower East Side originally and is not technically part of the historical Village.

The Marlton Hotel — A Greewich Village boutique hotel

The Marlton Hotel

Greenwich Village

In the boutique hotel world, what's old is new again. In New York Sean MacPherson's hotels were among the first to turn away from glossy, futuristic minimalism and towards something with a bit more retro romance. So the historically inspired Marlton, the century-old Greenwich Village hotel which once hosted the likes of Jack Kerouac and Julie Andrews, is perfectly in character. More...

112 Rooms
301 Verified Review

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Walker Hotel Greenwich Village — A boutique hotel in West Greenwich Village, NYC

Walker Hotel Greenwich Village

West Village

What's puzzling, is that it took the boutique hotel trend so long to hit the West Village, arguably the eclectic-vibes capital of Manhattan. No matter; it's here now, and its West Village exemplar, the Walker Hotel Greenwich Village, does its level best to pay tribute to its neighborhood. This means classic Georgian architecture, plush, romantic interiors liberally festooned with velvet, and bookshelves in the lobby liberally festooned with volumes by West Village writers — a pretty illustrious crowd, as it turns out. More...

113 Rooms
99 Verified Reviews

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The Standard East Village — boutique hotel in the East Village NYC

The Standard East Village

East Village

For some time now the East Village has suffered from a certain imbalance — plenty of places to dine and drink, but nowhere to stay. It's a situation that's found some resolution in recent years, as a building boom in Manhattan's south-eastern quadrant has made space for a new wave of modern boutique hotels, some of them, like the Standard, East Village, situated in gleaming modern high-rises. It's hard to miss the towering curves and angles of the Standard, surrounded as it is by a relatively low-rise district. And from inside the rooms it makes for unique perspectives on the East Village rooftops as well as the downtown bridges and classic uptown skyscrapers. More...

146 Rooms
255 Verified Reviews

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