Tablet was founded in the year 2000 by Laurent Vernhes and Michael Davis, a pair of new-media veterans in search of a cure for boring travel and an antidote to the internet's most common affliction: an overdose of options. Our users trust our taste — we do the hard work of selecting only the world's most extraordinary hotels, and we make booking them as painless as it can be. Tablet's purpose is to put the ease, the romance, the glamour back in travel, from inspiration to confirmation.


Hotels are anonymously visited and evaluated by our team of experts, and we'll only keep them on the site if they're making you happy. Only real Tablet guests are allowed to submit reviews, and we'll remove any hotel with a less-than-stellar rating. Also removed? Any hotel that fails to offer the lowest possible rates. Our online booking process is a snap, and if you've got a question or a special request our concierge-grade customer service team is always ready to help. Travel can be a headache, or it can make you feel alive — we know which one we'd prefer.
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The Tablet team is multi-talented, diverse, passionate about travel and committed to bringing some humanity to the world of online hotel booking. We're as selective about our personnel as we are about our travel experiences, but we're constantly growing, and the opportunities are endless — in our country and in yours.
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