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We're building an all-star team at Tablet, based around an employee-first approach — simply put, we want Tablet to be a great place to work. We've grown exponentially, our business has grown more complex, and it's agile, fast-moving talent that will ensure we remain on the path to growth. You'll be a good fit if you're self-directed, self-motivated, and you do better work when you're trusted with a healthy amount of freedom and flexibility. We're located in Union Square, NYC.

Our brand is built on authenticity and a healthy dose of irreverence, but balanced, at all times, by consistency and discipline. The first two keep us from being boring, while the last two keep us from losing our focus. We know there's more to life than travel — but at the same time, we recognize that an extraordinary travel experience has the potential to touch just about every aspect of our lives.

We are currently looking for:

No recruiters, please. We do not work with 3rd parties for placement. Don't see anything that matches your expertise? Feel free to email us and tell us what your expertise is.

About Our Tech Team

Our developers constantly challenge one another to improve their craft. We mean this seriously. To thrive in our environment you'll need to be smart, capable and independent, with a hunger for autonomy and for the responsibility that comes with it. We hire developers with great long-term potential and then enable them to achieve it. You'll spend your days using the flexibility of UNIX to produce simple solutions to complex business problems. The dress code is casual, the floor plan is open, and the upside is unlimited.

Backend Engineer - NYC

Our Backend team is focused on supporting and expanding the functionality of a customer-facing website while navigating a seasoned codebase. You'll report to our Lead Backend Engineer and sit in a growing team of backend developers. We're a flat team offering ownership, autonomy, and personal collaboration (development, project management, head of technology, marketing) throughout the organization.

We're rolling out a new integration with third-party providers which will greatly expand our network, eliminating technical debt, migrating to cloud, and overhauling frontend (we're using React.js). Also, we're developing predictive modeling — a technology yet to be applied to travel — building an entirely new and unique mobile experience, and integrating technology tied to marketing expansion.

Required Skills:

  • Expertise in Python
  • Experience creating sensible database schemas with SQL
  • Understanding of modern web services and SOA
  • Knowledge of testing and continuous integration
  • Familiarity with command-line Unix (we're running FreeBSD)

Good extras are experience with:

  • Working with cloud technologies
  • Elasticsearch and Redis
  • Docker and devops
  • Designing RESTful API services
  • Front-end technologies like React.js and HTML


DevOps Engineer - NYC

We’re developing predictive modeling, tackling a third party integration which will more than quadruple our inventory, building an entirely new and unique mobile experience, launching an enterprise platform, and integrating technology tied to marketing expansion.

As a DevOps Engineer, you will drive efforts improving our configuration management and automation. You will contribute to the hands-on administration of our systems in our physical data center as well as our systems in AWS. This role will report to and work alongside our DevOps engineer (currently a lone team of one). Ultimately, you will help us move to a more distributed environment with the goal of more efficiently serving our users.

We’re detailing a full AWS migration while eliminating technical debt, overhauling our frontend with react.js, and making progress on new features. Immediate projects on the horizon include tackling centralized logging (ELK), continuous integration, and introducing two factor authentication for our vendor portal.

This is a visible and autonomous role since you’ll be contributing at every level including systems planning and design, DB and systems administration, OS and application testing, monitoring and automation, and infrastructure and network support.

Required Skills:

  • 5+ years experience in a DevOps or similar role working in Linux/FreeBSD (or other *nix)
  • Broad experience in continuous integration and environment management
  • Strong scripting experience (Python or programming experience a plus)
  • Expertise using configuration management tools (Ansible, Puppet, Chef, etc.)
  • A solid understanding of server, storage, and networking systems
  • Experience with cloud server management
  • Familiarity with monitoring tools like Nagios

Nice to Have:

  • Database administration experience (MySql, Postgres)
  • Experience with Ansible
  • Disaster recovery and capacity planning experience
  • Experience with git


Travel Agent Sales (Freelance) - Worldwide

We're launching an enterprise platform — TabletPro allows travel agents to book hotel rooms for their clients. Tablet currently features thousands of unique and boutique properties around the world. Approximately half of those properties provide 4+ additional amenities for clients that are booked through TablePro. Tablet will split our commission with travel agents for any completed stays and will collect commissions on behalf of travel agents.

We are looking to partner with travel industry veterans on a freelance basis who have networks of travel agents potentially interested in using TabletPro to book boutique and luxury hotel reservations for their clients. Compensation is uncapped and structured around number of travel agents signed-up.