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We're building an all-star team at Tablet, based around an employee-first approach — simply put, we want Tablet to be a great place to work. We've grown exponentially, our business has grown more complex, and it's agile, fast-moving talent that will ensure we remain on the path to growth. You'll be a good fit if you're self-directed, self-motivated, and you do better work when you're trusted with a healthy amount of freedom and flexibility. We're located in Union Square, NYC.

Our brand is built on authenticity and a healthy dose of irreverence, but balanced, at all times, by consistency and discipline. The first two keep us from being boring, while the last two keep us from losing our focus. We know there's more to life than travel — but at the same time, we recognize that an extraordinary travel experience has the potential to touch just about every aspect of our lives.

We are currently looking for:

No recruiters, please. We do not work with 3rd parties for placement.

About Our Tech Team

Our developers constantly challenge one another to improve their craft. We mean this seriously. To thrive in our environment you'll need to be smart, capable and independent, with a hunger for autonomy and for the responsibility that comes with it. We hire developers with great long-term potential and then enable them to achieve it. You'll spend your days using the flexibility of UNIX to produce simple solutions to complex business problems. The dress code is casual, the floor plan is open, and the upside is unlimited.

Backend Engineer Lead

As a technical lead you'll partner with our Head of Technology in developing our technology, people, and processes that keep a team of seventeen cohesive as it scales. We're tackling a third party integration which will more than double our inventory and it requires our SOA become fully distributed, an elimination of technical debt, cloud migration, and frontend redesign.

Between programming you'll spearhead architectural discussions, mentor, and be accountable to a small team of backend engineers who appreciate elegantly simple solutions to complex problems. Leveraging your experience and intuition, you'll present inventive solutions and acquire the necessary buy-in from your team through thoughtful discourse to meet demands of a rapidly evolving product experiencing an influx of traffic and users.

Required Skills:

  • Expertise in Python
  • Experience creating sensible database schemas with SQL
  • Understanding of modern web services and SOA
  • Knowledge of testing and continuous integration
  • Familiarity with command-line Unix (we're running FreeBSD)

Nice to Have:

  • Experience working with cloud technologies
  • Experience with Elasticsearch and Redis


Frontend Engineer

Our Frontend team of three is focused on building an entirely new app while navigating a seasoned codebase. As a frontend engineer you'll redesign internals, architect apps, and decide what technology to use. We're a flat team offering ownership, autonomy, and personal collaboration (design, development, project management, head of technology) throughout the organization.

We're tackling a third party integration which will more than double our inventory and requires a frontend redesign, cleaning of technical debt and depreciated code (overhauling pages with React.js), revised login authentication (we'll be using JSON Web Tokens), development of a comprehensive frontend testing suite (we're leaning toward Jest.js), and replacement of our internal publishing system.

Required Skills:

  • DOM based javascript frameworks like jQuery
  • Experience with an object-oriented scripting language like python
  • Experience with responsive design
  • Bash, Git

Preferred Experience:

  • 3+ year in a frontend or related role
  • Experience with testing frameworks like Mocha+Chai.js
  • Experience building interfaces with React.js
  • Experience with JSON Web Tokens
  • Participation in UX and an eye for design
  • Familiarity with accessibility



Tablet is soon to accept a significant institutional investment and our Finance & Administration function requires an appropriate overhaul in order to improve profitability and scale as we grow in revenue, headcount (currently 50+), expenses and complexity. As our Controller, you'll report to and work closely with the CEO and heads of departments in developing a unified financial structure capable of budgeting tens of millions of dollars with optimized mechanisms of reporting, departmental budgeting, forecasting, reconciliations, etc.

In the short-term, the A/R collections team of three will remain independent so that you can focus fully on bookkeeping, preparing P&L sheets, month and year-end closings, conducting audits, etc. The processes ensuring the reconciliation and integrity of bank and merchant credit card data, timely closure of monthly P&L statements and scheduled cash management require an immediate assessment with the goal of bringing high-level analysis, strategic planning, departmental budgeting and solid tactical execution to these functions.

Additionally, you'll manage and improve on administrative functions as they pertain to Human Resources including payroll, insurance and benefits plans, 401K, commuter and health accounts.

Preferred Experience:

  • 5-10 years experience in accounting or related roles
  • HR administrative experience
  • Experience in an ecommerce or startup setting
  • Deep manipulation of Quickbooks/Excel
  • Audit experience in a large accounting firm
  • CPA or bachelor degree in Accounting
  • An enthusiastic, positive personality with a great sense of humor