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What is Tablet Hotels?

Founded by Laurent Vernhes and Michael Davis in 2000, Tablet Hotels is the cure for boring travel -- the one-stop prescription shop for the jaded and harried traveler. We can't tell you who you should be traveling with, and frankly, it's none of our business; and airline travel has become commoditized. In the area of choosing a hotel and getting the best price for it, however, we feel we have some expertise to offer.

We provide something you will not find elsewhere. If you're tired of the predictability of brand-name chain hotels, then, well, you're like us. Unfortunately you probably have a job, and have better things to do than to maintain a list of some several hundred noteworthy hotels around the world. That's where we come in.

Essentially, we choose with total independence so that you don't have to. We wade through tens of thousands of hotels and we bring you a tightly edited selection. It's about choosing hotels which have personality and obsess on the details. No hotel can become a Tablet Hotel before being subjected to our rigorous review process, nor can they buy their way in, and free rooms do not work either. There is no fee for hotels to be featured in Tablet Hotels. Each is anonymously visited by someone in our network of travel experts, and the experts' reports are reviewed by our co-founder and CEO, Laurent Vernhes, as well as the other members of our selection committee -- many of whom have travel industry, architecture or design backgrounds, and all of whom are experienced travelers with a low tolerance for boredom.

Our customers play a role in selection as well. On each hotel page we list real-time customer ratings, the Tablet Hotels Meter, submitted only by Tablet Hotels customers who have actually stayed in the hotel in question -- this makes the ratings fiddle-proof, impervious to the sort of tampering that plagues anonymous ratings sites. Should a hotel fall below fifteen points out of a possible twenty, it is automatically removed from our selection. Our committee may choose the hotels, but a significant number of Tablet Hotels were originally brought to their attention by our discerning customers, and ultimately it is our customers who have the last word.

Of course we do much more than just issue a list of our favorite hotels: we're here to help you through the reservation process. Our customer service department is on par with the best concierge services, offering fast and professional help. This is not scripted customer service, outsourced to some multi-purpose call center in Houston or Bangalore -- our staffers are savvy international travelers in their own right, and you won't encounter a problem they can't solve. If you need assistance with a booking, just click on the Customer Service links throughout the site or send an email to

All this might be expected to come at a price, but Tablet Hotels offers rates as low as anyone, and often lower. Our relatively exclusive selection means we have time to develop close working relationships with our hotels, and ensure that we have access to their best rates. In fact, we are so confident about our pricing achievements that we have launched our Tablet Hotels Price Guarantee -- if you can find a lower rate for the same hotel, room type, and dates and conditions, then let us know, and we will do our best to match it. Furthermore, we are offering rebate programs for corporate clients, as well as a simple method for booking large group requests.

The end result is that, in our opinion, Tablet Hotels is the only humane way to book your room online. And, as always, if you can think of a way we can make our service better, drop us a line at