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What is Tablet all about? Tablet is all about discovering the world's most exciting hotels — places where you'll find a memorable experience, not just a room for the night. For 20+ years we've scoured the earth, evaluating hotels that meet every taste and budget, creating a hand-picked selection that's proven and inspired. In fact, our painstaking curation led to Michelin making us the official hotel selection of their legendary MICHELIN Guide. The MICHELIN Guide had always been a benchmark in gastronomy. Now it's setting the same standard for hotels.

Go ahead, look around the site. You can book thousands of incredible hotels in a hundred different countries — hotels of any price, and many personalities. Read our unique perspective on hotels and travel in The Agenda, design your dream getaway with our Take Me Away machine, and make any request — no matter how eccentric (trust us, we've heard it all) — of our concierge-grade Travel Specialists. We also have the best rates available online and discounts at hotels that never go on sale. And if you find a lower price elsewhere, we won't just match it, we'll throw in a bonus, too.

You don't have to be a member to enjoy any of this.

Although, we will say, if you want to get everything you can out of Tablet, go ahead and create a free account for access to even more exclusive discounts. And if you really want to take it to the next level, sign up for a free trial of Tablet Plus to get VIP upgrades and amenities at hundreds of participating hotels.

Okay, so what makes your hotels so special? We're glad you asked. Actually, it's a question we here at Tablet have asked ourselves more than a few times over the years. But first, let's take it back a step. Just what is it about hotels, in general, that makes this obsession of ours seem relatively normal?

The thing is, you don't just sleep in a hotel, you live there, for a night or two, at least. And while you're there you're not just getting used to a different pillow, but trying on a whole different life — inhabiting a new space, eating in a new restaurant, drinking in a new bar, checking yourself out in different lighting, against a new interior-design backdrop.

And if you say you don't feel that way when you travel, we'd say you just aren't finding the right hotels. Sure, in a typical beige, boring, bland hotel, the life that's on offer is not at all the kind of life you'd want to live if you had any choice in the matter. A world full of poky little minibars and flimsy plastic cups is a lonely world indeed.

In the best hotels, though, the life you're offered is an upgrade from the everyday, a fantasy in which you're only too happy to indulge. It's hard not to feel more glamorous than normal at the Bulgari in Milan or the Soho Hotel in London, hard not to feel more adventurous in an ancient cave hotel in Cappadocia. At Italy's Eremito, on a nature reserve with limited technology, you might find yourself feeling a little like Thoreau. At Japan's Benesse House, amid the Jackson Pollocks and geometric installations, more than a little like you're sleeping in a museum.

So again, what is Tablet all about? Tablet is all about showing you only the hotels that are worth your time — hotels that will contribute something meaningful to your journey, regardless of your budget. It's about saving you hours of research and showing you a hotel, right from the start, that lives up to every one of your expectations. And if it doesn't? It won't stay on the site (only Tablet guests are allowed to submit reviews, and we'll remove any hotel with a less-than-stellar rating). Tablet is about providing hospitality long before your trip begins and an unforgettable backdrop when it finally arrives.

What else can we say? Let's start planning your next adventure.

If you have questions, please contact us at cs@tablethotels.com.