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10 Best Boutique Hotels

The English capital isn't just home to the UK's government and the Royal Family, it's also a second home for many of the wealthiest people in the world, attracted by London's status as a center of finance and trade. But if you haven't got a palace, a mansion, or a million-pound flat of your own, you're left to choose between dozens of London luxury & boutique hotels. Thankfully they're up to the task — the luxury boutique hotel was more or less invented here, at the Savoy, and after generations of innovation they're still among the best anywhere in the world.

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  1. Haymarket Hotel
    1 Suffolk Place
  2. Ham Yard Hotel
    1 Ham Yard
  3. The Connaught
    Carlos Place
  4. Chiltern Firehouse
    1 Chiltern Street
  5. Number Sixteen
    16 Sumner Place
  6. The Soho Hotel
    4 Richmond Mews
  7. Charlotte Street Hotel
    15 Charlotte Street
  8. Covent Garden Hotel
    10 Monmouth Street
  9. The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone
    28-30 Seymour Street
  10. The Arch London
    50 Great Cumberland Place

Haymarket Hotel — A luxury boutique hotel in Leicester Square near Picadilly Circus, London

Haymarket Hotel

Leicester Square

Haymarket Hotel is among the younger hotels in the Firmdale group — or shall we call it a family? We're disposed to think of Number Sixteen, the Knightsbridge, Soho Hotel and all the rest of the group's other London boutique hotels as instant classics: luxury hotel values on a boutique hotel scale, with a unique design personality courtesy of Kit Kemp. What's special about Haymarket Hotel comes down largely to its location. Not far south of the Soho Hotel, and just off Piccadilly Circus, the Haymarket finds itself even more in the thick of Theatreland, surrounded by about as much culture as one could reasonably be expected to take. More...

50 Rooms
200 Verified Reviews

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Ham Yard Hotel — A luxury boutique hotel in Soho, London

Ham Yard Hotel


Alongside a fairly substantial boutique hotel, there's also retail space, a restaurant and lounge, a rooftop garden, a 176-seat cinema, and a little four-lane bowling alley in the basement, all along a charming pedestrian thoroughfare complete with a bronze sculpture and a fair bit of greenery. There's plenty of activity, naturally, but the atmosphere feels a world apart from Piccadilly Circus, scarcely a hundred yards away. By now you know what to expect from the rooms: peerless modern luxury, outfitted in Kit Kemp's signature style, blending vibrant prints and colors with eclectic antiques and stylish contemporary pieces, all lit by those vast Crittall windows, which manage to make the most of the occasionally anemic London sunshine. More...

96 Rooms
76 Verified Reviews

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The Connaught — A 5 star luxury hotel in Mayfair, London

The Connaught


In days past the Connaught was as old-school as can be, a bastion of country-house pomp in the heart of Mayfair. Today, after extensive renovations and a redesign by Guy Oliver, it's less the archetypal country manor and more the archetypal London Boutique hotel, which sounds like a dismissal but isn't actually; these interiors won't shock you with their originality, but the muted colors and clean lines, along with judiciously preserved traditional references, project just the right atmosphere of stately seriousness. More...

121 Rooms
16 Verified Reviews

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Chiltern Firehouse — boutique hotel in Marylebone, London

Chiltern Firehouse


Chiltern Firehouse is as notable for its restaurant as for a boutique hotel, and it certainly helps that the chef is Nuno Mendes, formerly of Viajante, at Bethnal Green's Town Hall — even in restaurant-mad London, he's a unique talent, and his cooking is well worth the hype. The setting, in a converted Victorian firehouse in a corner of Marylebone that's in the midst of something of a renaissance, is suitably full of character; explorers will appreciate the option to hop on complimentary Shinola bicycles and see it all firsthand. More...

26 Rooms
6 Verified Reviews

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Number Sixteen — boutique hotel in Kensignton, London

Number Sixteen


Number Sixteen is either the coziest boutique hotel in London, or the most luxurious bed and breakfast — we're still not sure. The location, down a sleepy side street in South Kensington, is fairly well hidden; just a row of nineteenth-century Victorian townhouses without so much as a sign to show the way. As a member of Firmdale's Townhouse Collection, it's a more low-key experience than the bigger, more lively Ham Yard or Soho Hotel — Number Sixteen is notable for its intimate scale and its quiet charm. More...

41 Rooms
220 Verified review

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The Soho Hotel — A luxury boutique hotel in SoHo, London

The Soho Hotel


London's Soho Hotel is impossibly glamorous, a luxury boutique hotel that is at once classic and original — classic in the now-familiar London sense of overstated and outsized comfort, robust and enveloping furnishing and fixtures (as compared to the papier-mâché set construction in lesser boutiques) and original in its avoidance of worn-out tropes like featureless white rooms, cheap 'Zen' minimalism and off-the-rack hotel-standard furniture. The rooms are decorated in a rich, idiosyncratic style (thanks to the inimitable Kit Kemp), modern yet decidedly warm, and more spacious than any London hotel room has a right to be. More...

91 Rooms
193 Verified Reviews

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Charlotte Street Hotel — A luxury hotel in Bloomsbury, London

Charlotte Street Hotel


Enter Charlotte Street, a 21st century reinvention of the perfect Bloomsbury London pad. This is not a design hotel, all blank white walls and chrome trim — rather, it's early twentieth-century England.This building, once a pharmacy, today sports interiors of which the Bloomsberries would have no doubt approved; these spaces are light, airy and full of wit, with curlicued wallpaper, four-poster beds and brightly colored vases. In the drawing rooms, paintings by Bell, Grant, and Roger Fry brighten the walls. There's even a movie house that seats 67 in lipstick red leather cushions amidst pinstriped walls. More...

52 Rooms
140 Verified Reviews

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Covent Garden Hotel — boutique hotel in Covent Garden Holborn, London

Covent Garden Hotel

Covent Garden/Holborn

On a narrow side street in the bustling and chic Covent Garden district of London's West End, this splendidly theatrical small hotel's exclusive atmosphere and central location make it the perfect London pied-à-terre for visiting actors, professional shoppers, and savvy yet indulgent travelers. Once inside, you'll find the reception desk framed by lavish draperies—a nod to the stage curtains of the surrounding theatre district—and behind, a heavy stone staircase leading to the guest rooms upstairs. More...

58 Rooms
108 Verified Reviews

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The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone Hotel — boutique hotel London

The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone


Behind the doors of this Georgian townhouse are twenty-four rooms decorated in a meticulously art-directed style. The rooms and suites steer clear of the relentless opulence that's come to dominate London's high-end hotels; the entry-level rooms are attainably compact, though still subtly luxe, while the best suite spreads out over an entire floor, complete with an open-air bath on the roof terrace. More...

21 Rooms
79 Verified Reviews

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The Arch London — A Marylebone boutique hotel in London

The Arch London


There's no shortage of other places to stay in the vicinity, but none so stylish; despite its Georgian heritage, the Arch's designers haven't been shy about updating the look. It's got a bit of industrial edge, a bit of clean-lined modern design, and more than a bit of traditional coziness — though business travelers will by no means feel out of place, the Arch seems tailor-made for romance. More...

82 Rooms
75 Verified Review

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