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8 Best Boutique Hotels in Los Angeles
Beverly Hills

If you've been living on Earth at any time in the last century, you're aware of the fabulous wealth of Beverly Hills. The stars live in its exclusive residential neighborhoods, and anyone with a taste for extravagance shops on the upscale Rodeo Drive. Needless to say, it's also home to some incredible luxury boutique hotels.

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Beverly Hills is an actual city on its own within the Los Angeles basin (ever see Beverly Hills Cop?) and is distnguished by the hills and the 'flats'. The hills are purely residential and sit north of Sunset Blvd. The flats fall below Sunset Blvd. and are bordered by Doheny Boulevard on the east by West Hollywood, Whittier on the west towards Westwood, and Santa Monica Boulevard on the south. The city portion sits centrally on Rodeo Drive & Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills Hotel — the iconic 5 star luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California

Beverly Hills Hotel


The Pink Palace has, in true Hollywood fashion, had some work done; nothing shocking, just a hundred-million-dollar renovation in an effort to stay competitive with a new generation. Even without the glow of celebrities long since faded, it's a stunning luxury hotel. The standard rooms are lavish enough, mixing modern amenities like Frette linens and oversized bathrooms with 1940s Hollywood-classic decor, complete with private balconies. For true luxury, take advantage of the sprawling hacienda-style grounds by booking one of the bungalows. More...

208 Rooms
16 Verified Reviews

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Viceroy L'Ermitage — A private 5 star luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Viceroy L'Ermitage

Beverly Hills

L'Ermitage aims for a Zen feel but it's in the details that the hotel is truly Asian (it's now owned by the Singapore luxury hotel chain Raffles). The towels by the heated rooftop pool are, at 88 inches, the longest in America. There's a lacquer box of chocolates in your room so beautiful that hardly anyone has dared to eat them. There's not one kind of bathrobe, but two — for those of you who just can't stand terrycloth, you can have waffled cotton instead. But it's the service that makes L'Ermitage truly exceptional. More...

119 Rooms
13 Verified Reviews

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Mr. C Beverly Hills — A small Beverly Hills 5 star luxury hotel

Mr. C Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Mr. C looks the way you want a Beverly Hills boutique hotel to look — clean and crisp, sure, but classic as well, the sort of place that, in spite of its contemporary sheen, takes you back to a (possibly mythical) golden age of Hollywood glamour. Imagine a stylized black-and-white version of a Parisian luxury hotel, transplanted to sunny California, and you're most of the way there — though the shell of the former Tower Beverly Hills remains, inside it's utterly transformed. The C in this case is presumed to stand for Cipriani; the family of restaurateurs, it seems, is trying its hand at hospitality, and Mr. C is a supremely confident first attempt. More...

137 Rooms
13 Verified Reviews

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The Mosaic Hotel Beverly Hills — small intimate boutique hotel in residential Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

The Mosaic Hotel Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

This is Beverly Hills, where even the police station is a monumental landmark — yet the Mosaic is an unassuming small boutique hotel, just 49 rooms, tucked out of the way off Wilshire Boulevard in a quiet, residential neighborhood. Once inside, though, it's apparent that all this modesty is not intended to cover up any inadequacy on the part of the hotel. The lobby is surprisingly warm and welcoming — no intimidating modernist sculpture or gigantic slab of marble, just a mahogany desk and a friendly doorman amidst the high-backed chairs of the library lounge. More...

49 Rooms
3 Verified Review

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Montage Beverly Hills — luxury boutique hotel in Beverly Hills, CA

Montage Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

The Montage Beverly Hills is the first new high-end boutique hotel in the neighborhood in almost two decades, and by virtue of that fact alone, it's big news. More interesting from a guest's perspective, however, is the fact that this sequel to the oceanfront resort in Laguna Beach. It's eight floors of Spanish Colonial Revival–style luxury right in the heart of the Golden Triangle, a look that pays direct homage to Hollywood's good old days. The facilities are first-rate, from the rooftop pool on down to the spa, and the service lives up to the standard set by the original Montage. More...

201 Rooms
1 Verified Review

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Sixty Beverly Hills — A hip boutique hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Sixty Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

It's a sexy, dark-toned and masculine 70's look, one that works well for a boutique hotel like the SIXTY, where the emphasis is less on tucking in for a night's sleep (any old budget chain can manage that) and more on dining, drinking and entertaining, not to mention shopping — you're just a few blocks from the famed shopping district around Rodeo Drive. The rooms are swanky and comfortable and the rooftop is home to an open-air poolside lounge and bar called ABH, for Above Beverly Hills, a nightspot whose guests-only policy means no scene and no velvet rope. More...

110 Rooms
153 Verified Review

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Maison 140 — european style boutique hotel in Beverly Hills

Maison 140

Beverly Hills

Maison 140 is essentially the boutique hotel take on the good old bed and breakfast, LA style, in a 44-room building that once belonged to actress Lillian Gish. Like a true B&B, it's set away from the urban hub in residential Beverly Hills. From the outside 140 is hard to spot — it's a gray, narrow building, striking only in its plainness. Step in the lobby, though, and it's a different story. Some people find it reminiscent of Blakes, in London, others of the Latin Quarter in Paris. In any case, 140 has an extreme case of Europhilia — and in this town, that's a welcome change. More...

44 Rooms
67 Verified Review

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Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive — budget boutique in Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills

At first glance, we must admit, we were skeptical—the Luxe Hotel is quite possibly the only storefront on Rodeo Drive that doesn't belong to a luxury goods brand or a designer boutique. Imagine, then, our surprise at discovering that the Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive is not only understated and contemporary in its design, but that is actually more affordable than its off-Rodeo boutique hotel competition — but they're not cutting any corners — you'll find the linens are fine, the robes plush, the TV screens flat. More...

86 Rooms
41 Verified Review

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