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9 Best Boutique Hotels in Los Angeles
Santa Monica & Venice

Located along the Pacific coast, Santa Monica and Venice have long been resort towns — Santa Monica the more upscale one, and Venice the funkier, counterculture one. Both are laid-back, relaxing, and almost too West Coast to be true.

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Santa Monica & Venice Beach are adjacent to one another and lie north of LAX. They are the more accessible of beach communities in the immediate Los Angeles basin (further north lies the residential Pacific Palisades and eventually Malibu). Marina del Rey and Manhattan Beach are south.

Oceana Beach Club — A Santa Monica luxury boutique hotel in Los Angeles

Oceana Beach Club

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is exactly that popular image of LA as an oasis of mellowness — it's got the beach, the pier, the promenade, and it's got boutique hotels like the all-suite Oceana. Here, unlike a lot of urban boutique hotels, you'll find nothing edgy at all. Colors are sunny and soft, the interiors homey and contemporary, and small comforts are plentiful. More...

70 Rooms
82 Verified Reviews

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Palihouse Santa Monica — Santa Monica boutique hotel

Palihouse Santa Monica

Santa Monica

It's not as conspicuously glam as some of the competition, and, tucked away on a residential street a few blocks from the beach, it's certainly not as much of a scene; it's just a perfectly tasteful, highly livable boutique hotel, a historic 1927 Mediterranean Revival masterpiece that's been given a fresh coat of paint and a light, contemporary makeover by the ever-on-point Pali hotel group. More...

36 Rooms
39 Verified Reviews

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Shutters on the Beach — A beach front 5 star luxury hotel in Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Shutters on the Beach

Santa Monica

Some call Shutters on the Beach the most comfortable hotel in the world — and they may be right. It's just the perfect mix of that Deco glamour, old world coziness and modern LA laissez-faire, but it also has a lot of what the modern traveler wants — quiet. Though we all like to be near the buzz, sometimes we don't want to feel like we're smack in the center, and Shutters on the Beach, which is invisible from the road, is that perfect paradox: an urban luxury hotel that feels like a resort...and due to some marvel in modern architecture, every room looks out to the sea. More...

198 Rooms
31 Verified Reviews

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The Rose Hotel — A vintage inspired beach boutique hotel in Venice Beach

The Rose Hotel

Venice Beach

If there's any part of the Los Angeles area that can still reasonably be described as bohemian, it's Venice, and as such it's a natural location for a low-frills, vintage-inspired boutique hotel of the new breed. The Rose Hotel springs from the minds of fashion photographer Glen Luchford and portrait shooter Doug Bruce, whose description of the place speaks for itself: "We never set out to create the perfect hotel; our walls are thin, and the building is wonky….But it's not like any other hotel." More...

11 Rooms
18 Verified Review

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Casa Del Mar — A beach-front 5 star luxury hotel in Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Casa Del Mar

Santa Monica

In the 1920s Santa Monica was the place to party, and the Club Casa del Mar was the hotspot — at least for silver screeners like Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford. This would all change in World War II, when the building was used for military housing. It was rehabilitated by the owners of the neighboring Shutters on the Beach. But whereas Shutters is contemporary, unpretentious comfort, Casa is high Regency luxury hotel with tear-drop chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling windows and potted palms. The floors are marble and the curtains are beaten gold silk. Many visitors, in fact, are taken aback by the East Coast nature of its appearance — a Hudson River or Newport mansion dropped accidentally on the California beach. More...

129 Rooms
9 Verified Review

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Viceroy Santa Monica — A hip boutique hotel in Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Viceroy Santa Monica

Santa Monica

The green glow through translucent glass is the only clue that there's anything out of the ordinary going on behind the discreet (and unsigned) facade of this seaside boutique hotel. Inside, though, it's something else entirely — the Viceroy is one of Santa Monica's hottest spots, and the interiors are as chic as can be, a contemporary update of a century-old British country style, where clean-lined modern monochrome meets bright kelly-green antique-style furnishings, with printed wallpaper in vivid colors and ornate china where you least expect it — hanging on the walls. More...

162 Rooms
70 Verified Review

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The Huntley Hotel — cool boutique hotel in Santa Monica, Los Angeles

The Huntley Hotel

Santa Monica

Santa Monica lacks a truly definitive hipster boutique hotel, and that's the void the Huntley is trying to fill. Situated two blocks from the beach, The Penthouse restaurant and bar are pretty reliably packed, not just for the food but for the atmosphere as well. The rooms, though compact, are comfortable and well-equipped, with the luxuries that matter. More...

209 Rooms
68 Verified Review

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The Ambrose — budget boutique in Santa Monica, Los Angeles

The Ambrose

Santa Monica

The Ambrose is more than a mile inland, and here you'll find that it is possible to get an excellent room in Santa Monica, at a charming little boutique hotel, for about the price one would expect from a dreary chain motel — as long as you don't have to be right in the thick of the action — but the Ambrose is quite close enough to anything that matters, whether the Third Street Promenade or various business destinations. The Ambrose espouses an eco-conscious philosophy as well, from recycling and composting regimes to non-toxic cleaners and energy-efficient rooms. More...

77 Rooms
98 Verified Review

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Hotel Erwin — budget boutique in Venice Beach, CA

Hotel Erwin

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is quite possibly the most laid-back place in the United States and is no place for white-glove luxury, nd the Hotel Erwin does its level best to fit in. The Erwin is suitably budget-conscious — though you'd never guess it from the décor, with its bold, cheery colors and its stylish modern furniture. The better rooms have sea views, but even the ones that look out over the town of Venice come with private balconies. More...

119 Rooms
56 Verified Review

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