The Best Boutique Hotels in West Hollywood

January 8, 2020

We've curated a selection of extraordinary boutique hotels in West Hollywood, CA — chosen by our experts and rated by our guests after verified stays — and included the latest MICHELIN Guide rated restaurants nearby. Tablet Hotels is your source for discovering the world's most interesting boutique hotels (we've been doing this for 20 years and now we're part of the Michelin family) — places where you'll find a memorable experience, not just a room for the night. Here's our top 5 West Hollywood boutique hotels:

The Charlie

This particular corner of West Hollywood has changed a bit over the years, to say the least, but back when Charlie Chaplin owned it this jumble of English-style bungalows fit right in to the pastoral landscape. Chaplin left LA over sixty years ago, of course, and it's a minor miracle that these houses still stand — but thanks to an enterprising hotelier, they do, in the form of the Charlie, a truly unusual boutique hotel. (We always mean that as a compliment.)

The Charlie – Boutique Hotel in West Hollywood

The cottages, though restored and refurbished, remain true to their original English countryside style. They all bear single-word names, coyly matching the names of Hollywood luminaries who are said to have lived here in Chaplin's day: from Charlie himself to Marlene, Marilyn and Valentino. They're somewhat residential in aspect, with kitchens and washer/dryers alongside the usual hotel-suite fare. What's notable above all is the privacy, from the physical isolation of the cottages to the discreet, hands-off nature of the service.

Chateau Marmont

Of all the haunted hotels, the Chateau Marmont has to be the most glamorous. Located on LA's Sunset Strip, it's where Clark Gable and Jean Harlow got sizzling while she was on her honeymoon with another man. Howard Hughes got himself a penthouse and a pair of binoculars and spied on the girls by the pool. If you're going to misbehave, a young William Holden was told, do it at the Marmont. And needless to say, the ghost at the Marmont is inclined to be naughty. One guest claimed it got into her bed.

Chateau Marmont – Boutique Hotel in West Hollywood

The building is pure movie set. Constructed along the specifications of the Loire Chateau Amboise, it is a perfect eighteenth-century replica, fluted pillars graced by ivy and untouched by mold, with a swimming pool to boot. The lobby is dramatic, with gothic vaulted ceilings and dark wood. The restaurant is the perfect refuge from the cutthroat LA world outside; it seats about twelve, serves upscale gastro-pub fare from the new version of the Bar Marmont next door, and is always quiet and never rushed.

Sunset Tower Hotel

In Hollywood the line between history and kitsch is so fine as to be practically non-existent. But one way or another the Sunset Tower manages to land on the right side of the line. In the latter years of the golden age this Art Deco apartment tower was home to the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra; and while today the mid-century atmosphere is still in place, it's no museum — there's nothing faded about the newly renovated Sunset Tower's sober, earth-toned interiors, and it's not collectors or autograph hounds but bona fide Hollywood players who frequent its halls today.

Sunset Tower Hotel – Boutique Hotel in West Hollywood

The décor is seemingly tailor-made for the golden afternoon sunlight that brought the film business to LA in the first place. It's not quite high luxury, but it's pleasantly upscale, with high-end Egyptian linens and Kiehl's bath products. And if there's any incongruity, it's between the classic elegance of the Sunset Tower and the very modern inelegance of the Sunset Strip. It's a locale that's best enjoyed with a raised eyebrow, and then escaped, with a trip to the Sunset Tower's day spa or to the Tower Bar and Restaurant, a clubby, classic eatery on the site of what used to be the apartment belonging to the gangster Bugsy Siegel.

Palihouse West Hollywood

Though the phrase "extended stay" may summon images of dreary corporate apartments, Palihouse West Hollywood proves that it's a concept that can be done in high style. Boasting boutique-hotel looks alongside apartment-scale space and a discreet low-maintenance atmosphere, it's quite a change from the paper-thin walls and late-night circus ambiance of the typical high-design establishment.

Palihouse West Hollywood – Boutique Hotel in West Hollywood

Any place you're meant to spend upwards of a week had better come with plenty of creature comforts, and this one does: six hundred square feet, at minimum, plus full kitchens. Flat-screen televisions and DVD players are standard, as are high-end Egyptian cotton linens and marble bathrooms equipped with rain showers and Damana bath products.

The London West Hollywood

Think of big-time luxury these days and you'll probably find you're thinking of New York and London — so it's only fitting that some of the best of what Los Angeles has to offer has roots in both. The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills is the successor to the London NYC, bringing its trademark grown-up luxury to the Sunset Strip, courtesy of David Collins.

The London Hotel West Hollywood  – Boutique Hotel in West Hollywood

The London Hotel isn't small, and neither are its 226 suites. Balconies and terraces are universal, and between the retro-influenced Collins-designed décor and the oversized spa-like bathrooms, they're more like pleasure palaces than hotel rooms — as decadent as the West Coast ought to be, and a fitting look for a hotel that's just a mile from Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.

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