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10 Best Boutique Hotels in Los Angeles
West Hollywood

Home to the Sunset Strip as well as a thriving, long-established gay community, West Hollywood is one of L.A.'s most desirable places to live, shop, and go out. The boutique and luxury hotels on and near Sunset cater to all three of these activities, and while Los Angeles is too big to have just one center, West Hollywood definitely feels like it's in the heart of it all.

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West Hollywood sits between Beverly Hills and Hollywood proper. Often confused with Hollywood, West Hollywood is home to the most recognizable part of Sunset Blvd. and extends down to the Melrose/Fairfax area to the south.

The London West Hollywood — luxury 5 star hotel in West Hollywood near Beverly Hills

The London West Hollywood

West Hollywood

The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills (closer to the BH end) is the successor to the London NYC, bringing its trademark grown-up luxury to the Sunset Strip, courtesy of David Collins.The London isn't small, and neither are its 226 suites. Balconies and terraces are universal, and between the retro-influenced Collins-designed décor and the oversized spa-like bathrooms, they're more like pleasure palaces than luxury hotel rooms. More...

226 Suites
142 Verified Reviews

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Palihouse West Hollywood — extended stay boutique hotel in West Hollywood

Palihouse West Hollywood

West Hollywood

Though the phrase "extended stay" may summon images of dreary corporate apartments, Palihouse West Hollywood proves that it's a concept that can be done in high style. Boasting boutique hotel looks alongside apartment-scale space and a discreet low-maintenance atmosphere, it's quite a change from the paper-thin walls and late-night circus ambiance of the typical high-design establishment. More...

37 Rooms
102 Verified Reviews

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Sunset Tower Hotel — A luxury hotel West Hollywood

Sunset Tower Hotel

West Hollywood

In the latter years of the golden age this Art Deco apartment tower was home to the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra; and while today the mid-century atmosphere is still in place, it's no museum — there's nothing faded about the luxury hotel's sober, earth-toned interiors, and it's not collectors or autograph hounds but bona fide Hollywood players who frequent its halls today. More...

74 Rooms
91 Verified review

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Petit Ermitage — small artsy boutique hotel in West Hollywood

Petit Ermitage

West Hollywood

Here in the heart of West Hollywood is a boutique hotel that doubles as a tribute to Catherine the Great's Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg (that's the one in Russia, but you knew that). Come for the heavy atmosphere of Tsarist decadence, and stay for the poolside cabanas. It's pitched at the neo-bohemian crowd and diversions include yoga classes or spa treatments delivered en suite, and the jewel in the Petit Ermitage's crown is the saltwater rooftop pool. More...

80 Rooms
69 Verified Review

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The Charlie — boutique hotel hideaway cottages in West Hollywood Los Angeles

The Charlie

West Hollywood

This particular corner of West Hollywood has changed a bit over the years, to say the least, but back when Charlie Chaplin owned it this jumble of English-style bungalows fit right in to the pastoral landscape. The cottages, though restored and refurbished, remain true to their original English countryside style. They're somewhat residential in aspect, with kitchens and washer/dryers alongside the usual hotel-suite fare. What's notable above all is the privacy, from the physical isolation of the cottages to the discreet, hands-off nature of the service. More...

14 Rooms
25 Verified Review

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Chateau Marmont Hotel — A classic 5 star luxury hotel in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Chateau Marmont

West Hollywood

Of all the haunted hotels, the Chateau Marmont has to be the most glamorous. Located on LA's Sunset Strip, it is where Clark Gable and Jean Harlow got sizzling while she was on her honeymoon with another man. Howard Hughes got himself a penthouse and a pair of binoculars and spied on the girls by the pool. This luxury hotel is pure movie set. Constructed along the specifications of the Loire Chateau Amboise, it is a perfect eighteenth-century replica, fluted pillars graced by ivy and untouched by mold, with a swimming pool to boot. The lobby is dramatic, with gothic vaulted ceilings and dark wood. More...

63 Rooms
70 Verified Reviews

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Sunset Marquis — A luxury 5 star hotel with villas in West Hollywood Los Angeles

Sunset Marquis

West Hollywood

Hard to believe this is West Hollywood. The massively renovated Sunset Marquis is so exquisitely private, and the Bar 1200 so strict with its admissions, that one need never be reminded of the throngs of celeb-watchers and velvet-ropers that beset most of LA's other hot spots. This exclusive atmosphere (and possibly the state-of-the-art recording studio) is the key to the Sunset Marquis's rock-star appeal — though unlike some rock-and-roll hotels, this one's decor avoids retro kitsch and glam decadence, opting instead for an understated modern style, all clean lines and rich earth tones. And the low-lying two-story villa construction takes some of the fun out of heaving television sets out windows. More...

152 Rooms
68 Verified review

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The Chamberlain — West Hollywood boutique hotel

The Chamberlain

West Hollywood

From the outside, this '70s apartment building doesn't attract much attention — though someday this architectural style will be back in fashion, at which time West Hollywood will be its Mecca. Inside this boutique hotel, though, it's a different story; rooftop swimming pools, for example, are always in style, especially with panoramic views of LA and the Hollywood Hills, and the lobby sets the tone. More...

113 Rooms
156 Verified Review

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Mondrian Los Angeles — Hip West Hollywood boutique hotel

Mondrian Los Angeles

West Hollywood

Fresh off a large-scale redesign at the hands of the designer Benjamin Noriega Ortiz, the updated Mondrian has done well to keep pace with the times. Now it's a little less glam, less Hollywood, and more a tranquil California coastal vibe. The rooms are surprisingly accessible in their comfort, and they're quite large, in classic boutique white-on-white but with living rooms and kitchens to boot. The views from this twelve-story tower, through floor-to-ceiling windows, are phenomenal. More...

236 Rooms
81 Verified Review

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Andaz West Hollywood — boutique hotel in West Hollywood Los Angeles

Andaz West Hollywood

West Hollywood

The old "Riot Hyatt" on Sunset, site of countless acts of rock-star debauchery and destruction, is now just about unrecognizable. Mötley Crüe's loss, however, is your gain — it's been reborn as the Andaz West Hollywood boutique hotel, the old balconies, venue of many an aerial TV toss, sealed off with full-length windows to make more space for the swanky View Rooms. More...

236 Rooms
66 Verified Review

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