We have some exciting news to share with you.

Tablet Hotels has been acquired by Michelin, the original travel curators whose iconic guides have led the way to adventure for over 100 years.

This groundbreaking union will help us become better at everything we do. We'll work with Michelin to launch innovations that will raise industry standards and deliver more exclusive access to the worlds of travel, dining, and culture — all without sacrificing our unique voice. Tablet is synonymous with independence of thought and movement, and neither our name nor our mission will change.

The most immediate results of this alliance will be evident in our Tablet Plus program. In keeping with Michelin's celebrated approach to restaurants, the requirements for becoming a Plus hotel are now more demanding. Hotels will only be invited to join if they receive consistently excellent reviews from Tablet guests, ensuring that all Tablet Plus hotels are dedicated to providing seamless, VIP-level hospitality to Tablet Plus members.

Our first initiative in this effort is a site-wide reassessment of Plus-participating hotels. We are in the process of examining each Plus hotel to determine which ones should remain in the program. There are fewer on the site at the moment, but we are adding them back at a rapid pace — along with evaluating potential new candidates.

We founded Tablet with a purpose of putting the ease and the romance back in travel. We've taken another huge step toward that goal. We know that you have options for booking hotels — but when you book with Tablet you don't just get a confirmation, you get an advocate. We're by your side on every step of your journey, and now we're a stronger ally than ever before.

Warm Regards,

Laurent Vernhes & Michael Davis