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10 Best 5 Star Luxury Hotels

Whether it's French cooking or American blue jeans, you can count on Japan's devoted experts to improve on just about any tradition. The same goes for its luxury hotels, which, thanks to a deep respect for attention to detail, are easily among the best anywhere. Business travelers already know: there's nothing in the world like the skyscraper-topping life you'll find in Tokyo luxury hotels.

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Aman Tokyo — 5 star luxury hotel in Tokyo

Aman Tokyo


There might be no challenge that Aman resorts isn't up to — certainly not Tokyo, where they've created something that the rest of the world's luxury hotels will be chasing for a decade or more. The modernist spaces are calming to a degree that's awe-inspiring, almost religious. You'll check in in-room, where you'll also change into slippers — it's not quite the full tatami experience, but it's a fairly traditional one all the same. More...

84 Rooms
7 Verified Reviews

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Ritz-Carlton Tokyo — Tokyo luxury hotel

Ritz-Carlton Tokyo


Occupying the top floors of the Midtown Tower, currently the tallest building in town; there's little use describing the views in any great detail, as there's no way to do them justice in print. This luxury hotel's interiors are a bit grown-up, a very subtly localized version of the classic Ritz-Carlton look, but it's hard to spare a moment to notice the furniture against the backdrop of the sprawling Tokyo cityscape. More...

75 Rooms
1 Verified Reviews

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Park Hyatt Tokyo — A luxury hotel in Shinjuku Tokyo

Park Hyatt Tokyo


When Tokyo takes on the boutique hotel, you can bet that it'll be spectacular — and all the more so when it's a Park Hyatt hotel set fifty-odd stories above Shinjuku, the most high-tech neighborhood in town. The views, needless to say, are ultra-Nippon cool. Best of all is the one from the tub, with its floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall window. As you soak in a bath that's practically the size of a Tokyo apartment, you're treated to a Godzilla's eye view of the Blade Runner panorama below, with Mount Fuji hovering behind for good measure. More...

177 Rooms
127 Verified Reviews

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Peninsula Tokyo — A luxury hotel in Tokyo

Peninsula Tokyo


While most big Tokyo luxury hotels occupy the upper floors of mixed-use skyscrapers, the Peninsula is purpose-built, with its lobby on the ground floor, just like a proper hotel. The location, in Marunouchi, is unique, adjoining the Imperial Gardens, which makes for impressive views during the daytime and the rare (for Tokyo) sight of complete darkness at night. More...

314 Rooms
34 Verified Reviews

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Andaz Tokyo — A luxury hotel in Roppongi Tokyo

Andaz Tokyo


Hyatt's Andaz line is the brand's take on a luxury hotel, with style and amenities that are always carefully tailored to the location. In the case of Andaz Tokyo, that means design by Tony Chi and Shinichiro Ogata, interiors built with washi paper and wood, sweeping city views, locally made linens, Japanese-style room partitions separating living and sleeping areas, an open-air rooftop bar on the 52nd floor, and a minimalist spa with a swimming pool that overlooks the Imperial Palace. More...

164 Rooms
37 Verified Reviews

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Mandarin Oriental Tokyo — A 5 star luxury hotel in Tokyo

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo


The Mandarin Oriental brings Far East hospitality to America's hottest luxury hotel market. The Asian influence is apparent at a glance, with wood paneling, marble everywhere, and clean Zen-influenced design. And even the hotel's placement, occupying twenty stories near the top of a mixed-use skyscraper, mirrors the situation of Tokyo's grandest luxury hotels — the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is directly atop office and retail spaces of the Time Warner to maximize views of the Hudson and Central Park. More...

179 Rooms
18 Verified Reviews

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Shangri-La Hotel Hotel — A luxury hotel in Marunouchi Tokyo

Shangri-La Hotel


For a new high-end luxury hotel you couldn't pick a better spot. Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo stands just yards away from Tokyo Station, incidentally putting to rest any fears about a nightmare airport commute, and you're at the top of one of the new towers that make up the Marunouchi commercial and retail district. The views are extraordinary, and the rooms aren't shabby either; the Shangri-La's trademark far-east fantasy translates well to Tokyo, updated with some shapely modern furnishings and the latest in high-tech in-room gadgetry. More...

200 Rooms
11 Verified Reviews

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Palace Hotel — Marunouchi Tokyo luxury hotel

Palace Hotel


This is as close as you can get to actually staying on the verdant grounds of the Imperial Palace without being related to the Emperor himself. The architecture and design are as perfectly sober and calm as you'd expect from a high-end Japanese luxury hotel, and the modern-Japanese interiors feel perfectly weighted, carefully considered, expertly crafted. The most basic deluxe rooms are hardly basic at all, and the better ones quickly scale the heights, adding balconies, living rooms, and the like. More...

290 Rooms
10 Verified Reviews

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The Capitol Hotel Tokyu — A luxury hotel in Akasaka Tokyo

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu


It's a rare Tokyo luxury hotel where you're in touch with nature, aside from a distant view of Mount Fuji — but the Capitol Hotel Tokyu is anything but typical. Here, surrounded by greenery on the edge of the Imperial Palace, guests can use the local flora as their calendar: camellias mean winter, cherry blossoms spring, and the red-orange-yellow leaves of the maple tree are a sure sign of fall. More...

251 Rooms
53 Verified review

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Conrad Tokyo — A luxury hotel in Shiodome Tokyo

Conrad Tokyo


Among the major players on the Tokyo luxury hotelscene is the Conrad. In modern-classic Tokyo style it occupies the top floors of an imposing skyscraper, this one in the Shiodome complex, in one of the city's up-and-coming districts. The experience begins in a speedy elevator opening onto the 28th-floor lobby, a rather monumental space with a sweeping view of Tokyo Bay. Guest rooms are perhaps even more impressive, with novel modernist fixtures and furnishings somehow seeming utterly serious and calmingly conservative, in that way it seems only the Japanese have a handle on. More...

290 Rooms
15 Verified Review

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