The latest questions and answers about the Tablet Hotels iOS App.

The Basics

Do I need to register or create an account? Is it free?

No, you don't need an account to use the App, and yes, it's free. When you make your first booking we create an account for you in order for you to manage them. Creating an account also keeps your booking information private & secure and allows you to save custom lists & favorite hotels.

Is the App available in multiple languages?

Yes. English, French , Italian & German.


Why can't I find my destination? I searched for one place and was returned another nearby.

Since our selection of hotels is curated, some destinations are not included. We don't add the best hotels in every location but instead we select the hotels that match our criteria. If a location does not have any, we have chosen to not lower our standards and forgo that location until one is. When you search for a destination where we have no hotels, we display the closest destination where we do.

Are more hotels supposed to appear as I move the map to other locations?

You need to refresh a search of the new area by tapping the "Expand Search" button that appears.

How do I see the hotel's name on the map?

Either tap the icon on the map or swipe through the white panels at the bottom to browse the hotels.

How does the calendar work?

First select your arrival date by tapping a day. Next tap your departure date. If you want to change your departure date just tap another day. If you want to change your arrival date, tap the "Arriving" tab. It will then change color — now tap your new arrival date.

Can I filter results?

Yes. Sorting and filtering are accessed by tapping the filter or 'sliders' icon button under the search bar.

Can I share results?

Yes. Destination search results (not near me) can be shared by tapping the share icon in the upper right. If the person you are sharing it with doesn't have the App installed, it will open the corresponding page on the website.

Viewing Hotels

Can I share hotels?

Yes, hotels can be shared by tapping the share icon in the upper right. If the person you are sharing it with doesn't have the App installed, it will open the corresponding page on the website.

Is there a bigger map on the hotel detail screen?

Yes. Tap the map and it will open full screen.

Do the photos enlarge?

No. The hotel images are displayed as squares to maximize the space of both horizontal & vertical images.

Is there a full list of amenities? What do the icons mean?

Yes. We display the most popular amenities by default. Tapping the amenities block will launch a full screen list with text alongside the icons.


For the basics of how reservations work please visit the site FAQ. All of the topics covered there apply to the App as well.

Can I book multiple rooms?

Yes. You may book up to 4 rooms at a time. Why only 4? Because 5 rooms will often qualify you for further discounts and our Customer Service team shoukld be contacted to explore that for you. You can of course keep booking up to 4 rooms per checkout if you are not interested in exploring the discount.

Can I book for someone else?

Absolutely. Just enter their information as the Guest in the room selected and include their email address if you want them to alo receive a confirmation email, otherwise only you (the account holder) will receive it.

How do I add a guest and/or credit card?

Guests can be added when checking out by tapping the room being booked, then the guest name, then the 'Add+" in the upper right. If you have an account, you can also add guests in the Settings section. The process for adding a credit card is the same.

Do I pay when I book?

When you pay is determined by the rate type you select. Typically you pay upon departure but some rates are pre-pay and are charged upon booking. This is indicated on the checkout screen.

Can I use Apple Pay?

Not at this time — mainly because most of the rates are paid for upon departure and Apple Pay charges at the time of booking/sale. Some rates may be available for Apple Pay in the future.

How do I cancel a booking?

Bookings can be cancelled (according to the terms of the cancellation policy) within the Reservations section. For single room bookings tap the reservation and you will see a button to cancel at the bottom. For multiple room bookings you can also swipe left on the list which reveals a cancel button. The cancellation process is 2 step to avoid accidents. A screen will appear asking you if you "are sure you want to cancel?". Cancelled bookings appear within the "Past" section in Reservations.

My Account

How can I register and create an account?

Registration is offered on the first time you launch the app. If you choose to bypass you can always register within the account section (tap the gear). Account creation/registration also occurs with your first booking.

Do I have to register?

No but making a booking will register you. You will not be able to use the List features.


Can I save hotels for later?

Yes. There are two ways to do this. First you can tap the heart icon on any hotel and the hotel will be saved to the "Hotels You Love" list. If yu want custom lists, tap the bookmark icon, name the list & set the privacy level. The hotel will be saved to that list and it will be available to save other hotels to at any time. There are no limits to the the number of Staylists and hotels can belong to multiple lists.

Where do I find my lists?

The bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen take you to your Staylist Home, which holds all your lists including the "Hotels You Love".

Can I remove hotels from a list?

Yes. On a Staylist detail screen either swipe left on a hotel to remove one at a time or select the 'Edit" option in the upper right. This will present additional options.

I can't find my Staylist on the website.

Staylists are currently only on the App but will be comign to the websiet soon. However, your "Hotels You Love" can be accessed from the "Your Hotels" link on the main navbar on the website.

Can I get help with Staylists?

Most certainly. Our Customer Service team would be happy to create a list for you based on your needs and you will see it when ready in your Staylists section. Just make a request here.

Your Public Profile & Privacy

With version 2.1, guests are able to see the people who love a hotel, their profile screen, their list of loved hotels & their staylists if they choose to make them public. This functionality allows you to find like-minded travelers and to discover the hotels they adore. This allows users to curate their own lists & trips to recommend.

How can I view people?

Tap a person's photo that is displayed on a hotel's screen or in the full list of people who love the hotel.

Can I search for people?

Not at this time.

Can I follow people?

Not at this time.

Can anyone see my profile screen?

Yes. They just need to tap your photo when they see it associated with a hotel.

How can I remain private?

Your profile screen is always public, as is the list of hotels you love. However, any Staylist you make can be public or private. This setting is available upon the list creation and through the Edit functionality.

There are two other privacy controls — you can choose to only show your first name rather than full name and you can choose to not load a phot of yourself.

Where can I make those changes?

You may set your name display preference in the Settings > Your Account > Privacy section. You may change your photo either within the Your Info section in settings or by tapping the photo icon in the upper left on the Staylist home screen.

I can't find this functionality on the website, where is it?

Viewing fellow travelers is not yet available on the website but will be soon.

Need help?

If you have a booking-related question please contact customer service. If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions about the app please email our App team.