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10 Best Boutique Hotels
New York

New York is where the boutique hotel trend first took hold on this side of the Atlantic, and many of the original boutique hotels — Morgans, the Mercer — are still going strong. They're joined by a new crop of cutting-edge, boundary-pushing boutique hotels, and as long as NYC is America's cultural capital, home to the latest in art, fashion, and entertainment, it'll be the hip-hotel capital of the United States as well.

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  1. Crosby Street Hotel
    79 Crosby Street
  2. The Greenwich Hotel
    377 Greenwich Street
  3. The Bowery Hotel
    335 Bowery
  4. The Nomad
    1170 Broadway (at 28th Street)
  5. Andaz Wall Street
    75 Wall Street
  6. The Mercer
    147 Mercer Street
  7. The New York Edition
    5 Madison Avenue
  8. The Whitby
    18 W 56th Street
  9. The Ludlow
    180 Ludlow Street
  10. The Marlton Hotel
    5 West 8th Street

New York City (the island of Manhattan) runs North-South with East & West sides. Downtown (Wall St.) is at the soutern tip while the East & West Sides are divided by Central Park above 59th Street. Harlem tops off the Northern tip of the island.

Crosby Street Hotel — A luxury boutique hotel in Soho, NYC

Crosby Street Hotel


A luxury hotel like Crosby Street is exactly what this city needs. The contrast between the downtown grit of the cobblestone street outside and the plush sophistication of the hotel's lobby is immediate, and striking. Say what you will about the bright colors and the decidedly un-minimal décor — it's a rare New York boutique hotel these days that presents so opinionated a face to the world. More...

263 Rooms
176 Verified Reviews

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The Greenwich Hotel — A boutique hotel in Tribeca, NYC

The Greenwich Hotel


What do we know about the Greenwich Hotel? It's got a celebrity owner (none other than Robert DeNiro), a prime Tribeca location, impeccable design credentials courtesy of one of New York's top firms, Grayling Design, and some truly obsessive construction, having something to do with thousands of very expensive handmade bricks. Now there's no question that all these things make for great press for this boutique hotel, but do they mean anything to the guests? More...

88 Rooms
100 Verified Reviews

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The Bowery Hotel — A boutique hotel in NoHo, NYC

The Bowery Hotel


The Bowery Hotel — the name alone pretty much sums it up. The first and only high-design boutique hotel on this one-time skid row is the younger sister to the Maritime, over in the Meatpacking District, and is thus as clear evidence as any that this little strip, bordering on the East Village and the still slightly rough-edged Lower East Side, has officially gentrified. Downtown purists can fret all they like, but the realists among us have learned to sit back and enjoy the ride. After all, we come not to bury CBGB, but to praise the Bowery. More...

135 Rooms
423 Verified Reviews

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The NoMad Hotel — boutique hotel in lower Midtown, NYC

The NoMad Hotel

Lower Midtown

That stray capital M is a nod to the neighborhood; fairly recently a no-man's-land, the district North of Madison Park is a Manhattan renewal success story in the making, and with the arrival of the NoMad Hotel it's moving up a notch or two on the luxury scale. There's a pronounced European accent to what's got to be the most Haussmannian building on Broadway — and of course the architectural ministrations of the Parisian designer Jacques Garcia only intensify the effect. More...

168 Rooms
298 Verified Reviews

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Andaz Wall Street — boutique hotel in Wall Street, NYC

Andaz Wall Street

Financial District

When some big chains venture into boutique-hotel territory, the result is basically the same old chain hotel, with an extra helping of funky plastic furniture. Not so with the Hyatt group's Andaz sub-brand. The boutique hotels under the Andaz banner are about more than just design; they're boutique in philosophy as well, each one of them intensely localized — the London and West Hollywood outposts are as different as their respective cities, and a hotel doesn't get much more Lower Manhattan than the Andaz Wall Street. More...

253 Rooms
139 Verified review

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Mercer Hotel — A luxury boutique hotel in SoHo, NYC

The Mercer


The Mercer Hotel is New York's first loft boutique hotel and captures the very essence of the area. Lofts are a uniquely SoHo phenomenon, pioneered by artists in the 1960s who took over the neighborhood's many abandoned warehouses. Loft living is about sunlight and leaving the original architecture intact, and at The Mercer, brickwork is exposed, windows are industry size, and iron support columns run from floor to ceiling. It's one of the few New York Boutique Hotels to boast wooden floors, and Christian Liaigre's spare furnishings are appropriately unobtrusive, because, as your downtown designer friend might say, the beauty of a place is in its empty spaces. More...

75 Rooms
127 Verified Reviews

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The New York EDITION Hotel — A luxury hotel in Gramercy Park/Madison Park, NYC

The New York Edition

Madison Park / Flatiron

Long departed from the hotel group that once went by his name, Ian Schrager has moved on to a relationship with Marriott International — a partnership whose fruits, the Edition Boutique Hotels, are a little more upscale than the earlier Schrager offerings, and a lot more stylish than the typical Marriott fare. And the latest addition to the Edition hotel family is something of a homecoming, opening on Madison Square Park, in the old Metropolitan Life Tower, otherwise known as That Great Big Clock Tower in the Flatiron District. More...

273 Rooms
41 Verified Reviews

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1 Hotel Central Park — boutique hotel in Midtown close to Central Park NYC

The Whitby Hotel

We've been looking forward to telling you about this one ever since we saw those telltale steel-framed windows appear over West 56th Street. Firmdale, the proprietors of Soho's fine Crosby Street Hotel (as well as too many London hotels to mention), is at it again, this time in Midtown, just two blocks from Central Park. The Whitby Hotel brings the warmth and coziness of English hospitality to a neighborhood that's already got plenty of American-style luxury hotels, and proves that Firmdale can compete with anyone in the world on comfort, and look just that much more stylish and charming while they're at it. More...

86 Rooms

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The Ludlow Hotel — boutique hotel on the Lower East Side, NYC

The Ludlow

Lower East Side

The Ludlow's lineage (the Bowery, the Marlton and the Maritime) is especially apparent in the ways in which it resembles the Bowery: the rooms are open and bright, with sun streaming through large casement windows, and the impeccable vintage styling feels historically rooted yet freshly finished. As a social center the Ludlow is just getting started — Dirty French, a fairly self-explanatory restaurant from the Major Food Group, another well-regarded local outfit, and the lobby lounge, with its promised trellis garden, is sure to make a few nightlife lists. More...

184 Rooms
437 Verified Reviews

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The Marlton Hotel — A Greewich Village boutique hotel

The Marlton Hotel

Greenwich Village

In the boutique hotel world, what's old is new again. In New York Sean MacPherson's hotels were among the first to turn away from glossy, futuristic minimalism and towards something with a bit more retro romance. So the historically inspired Marlton, the century-old Greenwich Village hotel which once hosted the likes of Jack Kerouac and Julie Andrews, is perfectly in character. More...

112 Rooms
319 Verified Review

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