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Best Boutique Hotels in NYC

Though vastly larger than Manhattan in both area and population, in boutique hotel terms Brooklyn is just now arriving at the party. The rapidly gentrifying Manhattan-adjacent neighborhood of Williamsburg, which went from artists' lofts to condo towers in scarcely more than a decade, is home to the highest density of boutique hotels, as well as the highest density of great restaurants, bars, and shops. But it's early days, and travelers are finding Brooklyn more accessible and inviting every year.

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  1. The Wythe Hotel
    80 Wythe Ave. at N. 11th Street
  2. McCarren Hotel & Pool
    160 North 12th Street
  3. The Box House Hotel
    77 Box St
  4. The Williamsburg Hotel
    96 Wythe Avenue
  5. The William Vale
    111 North 12th Street

One of the 5 boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn lies just across the East River from New York City on the southwestern tip of Long Island and can be reached from Manhattan by subway, the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge.

Wythe Hotel — A boutique hotel in Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NYC

Wythe Hotel


Williamsburg has been a big deal for well over a decade now, it's true, but from a boutique hotel perspective this neighborhood is just getting started. And while the Wythe Hotel may not have been the first, it's the one against which all future Brooklyn boutiques will be measured. Not because it won't ever be topped, necessarily, but because it's rare for a hotel to so completely exemplify the character of the neighborhood it calls home. More...

70 Rooms
28 Verified Reviews

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McCarren Hotel & Pool — a Williamsburg Brooklyn boutique hotel

McCarren Hotel & Pool


Visitors have been asking us about Brooklyn hotels for ages, and we're just happy to finally have some answers. Williamsburg feels like slightly old news to New Yorkers, having been in the ascendancy for well over a decade, time for several cycles of backlash and resurgence. But for boutique hotels, it's still early days on the far side of the East River. Soon there'll be too many to name, but there'll always be a place for the pioneers — McCarren Hotel & Pool among them. More...

64 Rooms
46 Verified Reviews

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The Box House Hotel — boutique hotel in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NYC

The Box House Hotel


There are entire American cities with less cultural import than New York's second borough — yet looking at the number of decent lodging options, you might think crossing the East River were like taking a trip to East Berlin circa 1989. It's an analogy that, tellingly, would flatter a few Manhattanites and Brooklynites alike, but just to keep things in perspective, Grand Central Station is all of one subway stop away from the seemingly far-flung Box House Hotel. More...

56 Rooms
18 Verified Reviews

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The Box House Hotel — boutique hotel in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NYC

The Williamsburg Hotel

Brooklyn - Williamsburg

North Brooklyn has grown up fast. In scarcely more than a decade it's gone from peripheral artists' colony to a sort of honorary Manhattan neighborhood. And no longer are we spending our evenings in Williamsburg and hopping on the L for the trip back to the hotel. Despite what its name might imply, the Williamsburg Hotel isn't the first — but it's a worthy addition to the neighborhood, an eight-story statement in brick, glass, and weathered steel, making the case for the east side of the river stronger than ever. More...

150 Rooms
3 Verified Reviews

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The William Vale Hotel — boutique hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC

The William Vale

Brooklyn - Williamsburg

In Williamsburg, whose rare high-rise buildings tend towards the nondescript, the William Vale is an immediate eye-catcher. The building, by Albo Liberis, is unmistakable, and with an exterior like that, you expect big things from what's inside. And, in what has to be considered a leap forward for the Brooklyn hotel scene, the William Vale delivers — Williamsburg's finally got the modern-luxe boutique hotel it was always destined to have. More...

56 Rooms
1 Verified Reviews

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