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Best Boutique Hotels in NYC
Meatpacking District

Still the home to many of New York's butchers and meat purveyors, the Meatpacking District's cobblestone streets are now stalked by late-night revelers, boutique hotels, upscale shoppers, and tech-sector employees, thanks to the presence of Apple and Google's NYC headquarters. Sandwiched between Chelsea and the West Village, it's prime real estate, a convenient location for a new downtown nightlife mecca.

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  1. The Maritime Hotel
    363 West 16th Street
  2. The Standard High Line
    848 Washington Street
  3. Dream Downtown
    355 West 16th Street
  4. Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC
    18 Ninth Avenue
  5. The Jane Hotel
    113 Jane Street

The Meatpacking District is considered from West 16th Street to Gansevoort Street, and from the Hudson River east to Hudson Street (and growing beyond Hudson Street).It sits just above West Greewich Village.

The Maritime Hotel — A boutique hotel in the Meatpacking District, NYC

The Maritime Hotel

The Maritime Hotel was designed in 1966 for the National Maritime Union; hence its name, and its nautical theme. Today it is one of New York's hipster hangouts, owing as much to its location (just off the Meatpacking District) as to the charms of the hotel itself. This is not a traditional boutique hotel, by any stretch — all rooms face westward, looking over the Hudson and New Jersey through five-foot porthole windows. More...

125 Rooms
205 Verified Reviews

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The Standard High Line — boutique hotel in Meatpacking District, NYC

The Standard High Line

André Balazs's line of Standard boutique hotels took its time getting to New York. Now it seems they were waiting for something big, and this is it — for a group that's made its name with clever renovations, a ground-up new build is a major undertaking. The Standard looks more or less like a slightly bent UN building on stilts, straddling the High Line, the elevated former railway that's been turned into lower Manhattan's new green paradise. More...

338 Rooms
387 Verified Reviews

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Dream Downtown — A boutique hotel in Meatpacking District, NYC

Dream Downtown

The Dream boutique hotels are a continuation of a tradition that began a generation ago, right here in New York. Of course, in a hotel like Dream, the public spaces are at least half of the story. The pool, open year-round and complete with sandy beach, is adults-only after noon, going from sun deck to nightclub over the course of a day. There's an outpost of London's popular Bodega Negra for cocktails and contemporary Mexican, Cherry restaurant serves up Japanese food with a French accent, Melvin's Juice Box keeps things casual with organic juices and smoothies alongside light grab-and-go snacks, and PH-D is a postgraduate-level course in rooftop-terrace revelry, with a stringent admission policy to match. More...

316 Rooms
140 Verified Reviews

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Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC — Meatpacking District boutique hotel

Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC

As more and more eye-catching boutique hotels and their attendant nightlife scenes sprout up, the Gansevoort remains a perennial standout — its rooftop lounge an enduringly inviting place to clink cocktail glasses, its sweeping views of the Hudson as inspiring as ever. Housed in a glass and metal tower, the hotel stands in contrast to the neighborhood's predominantly low-rise industrial architecture. At thirteen stories it would be no more than a bump in the Midtown pavement; down here, though, the skyline is lower, and Hotel Gansevoort towers over most of its neighbors. You may even be able to peer mockingly down upon the star-studded rooftop of the members-only Soho House from the comfort of your room. More...

187 Rooms
77 Verified Reviews

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The Jane Hotel — boutique hotel in Meatpacking District NYC

The Jane Hotel

It's a long-standing critique of urban boutique hotels that underneath it all they're simply nightspots with rooms attached. For a boutique hotel like the Jane, however, it's less a criticism than a simple statement of fact. The Jane was little more than the Jane Ballroom plus a selection of bunk rooms, small even by New York standards, which felt more like the cabins of an ocean liner than anything else. Rather than run from it, Sean McPherson and Eric Goode embraced the resemblance: the newest phase of the Jane adds 40 "captain's cabins," full-sized bedrooms with stylish all-white en suite bathrooms, very much cut from the same bohemian cloth as the Bowery Hotel's excellent bedrooms. More...

208 Rooms

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