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Best Boutique Hotels in NYC

No matter which definition you use, this is the largest portion of Manhattan — extending dozens of blocks south from Central Park, from the Hudson to the East River. Needless to say, it's a diverse mix, encompassing everything from Times Square and the Theater District to the shops of Fifth Avenue and the media and publishing companies on the Avenue of the Americas. From Midtown, no matter what you're after, if it's not available within a few blocks of your current location, then chances are it doesn't exist.

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  1. Andaz 5th Avenue
    485 5th Avenue at 41st Street
  2. Park Hyatt New York
    153 West 57th Street
  3. The Whitby
    18 W 56th Street
  4. 1 Hotel Central Park
    1414 Avenue of the Americas
  5. Chambers
    15 West 56th St & 5th Ave
  6. The Bryant Park Hotel
    40 West 40th Street
  7. The London NYC
    151 W 54th Street
  8. Refinery Hotel New York
    63 W 38th Street
  9. Archer Hotel New York
    45 West 38th Street
  10. Langham Place
    400 Fifth Avenue

Midtown Manhattan is another one of those "loose definitions' but is mostly the area between 31st or 34th Streets and 59th Streets between the Hudson & East Rivers, though there are some neighborhoods within Midtown.

Andaz 5th Avenue — A luxury boutique hotel in Midtown, NYC

Andaz 5th Avenue

At the risk of massively understating the case, we'll start by saying that some of the big chains are really getting the hang of this whole boutique hotel thing. It starts with a non-traditional check-in, the sort without a reception desk, where you're simply walked to your room by a tablet-toting "Andaz host" — a recipe for chaos in some hotels, perhaps, but they manage it quite professionally. And the look, by Tony Chi & Associates, is both contemporary and luxurious, but neither desperately hip nor unfashionably opulent. It's not an easy balance to strike, but they strike it. More...

184 Rooms
78 Verified Reviews

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Park Hyatt New York — A luxury hotel in Gramercy Midtown West, NYC

Park Hyatt New York

Midtown West

Can there really have not been a Park Hyatt in New York before? The first proper top-shelf luxury hotel to open in Manhattan in over a decade makes its home on the billionaires' row that is West 57th Street, occupying the lower twenty-five floors of the One57 residential skyscraper, right across the street from Carnegie Hall. (The top floors are given over to private owners.) There's a lot riding on the Park Hyatt New York, at least for Hyatt — is it worth the wait? Is it a truly flagship-worthy entry in this most demanding of cities? More...

210 Rooms
4 Verified Reviews

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1 Hotel Central Park — boutique hotel in Midtown close to Central Park NYC

The Whitby Hotel

We've been looking forward to telling you about this one ever since we saw those telltale steel-framed windows appear over West 56th Street. Firmdale, the proprietors of Soho's fine Crosby Street Hotel (as well as too many London hotels to mention), is at it again, this time in Midtown, just two blocks from Central Park. The Whitby Hotel brings the warmth and coziness of English hospitality to a neighborhood that's already got plenty of American-style luxury hotels, and proves that Firmdale can compete with anyone in the world on comfort, and look just that much more stylish and charming while they're at it. More...

86 Rooms

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1 Hotel Central Park — boutique hotel in Midtown close to Central Park NYC

1 Hotel Central Park

Heavily weathered reclaimed wood, industrial-style windows, and dense vegetation climbing green walls — these are not exactly commonplace sights on 58th Street, between Billionaires' Row and Central Park. It's a statement of intent from 1 Hotel Central Park, the flagship of the 1 Hotels group, headed by Barry Sternlicht, founder of Starwood and the W hotels — and the intent behind 1 Hotels is to combine quality hospitality with social responsibility. More...

229 Rooms
5 Verified Reviews

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Chambers — boutique hotel in Midtown NYC at 56th St and Fifth Avenue


Chambers bills itself as a Downtown hotel with a Midtown address, and truth be told, that's not far off the mark — up here in the Fifties, off the main shopping drag of Fifth Avenue, the last thing one expects to see is a small boutique hotel with loft-style guest rooms and fashion-forward, subtly Eastern interiors. Yet that's precisely what Chambers is, and its uniqueness has made it something of a hit, miles from both the stuffy high seriousness of the midtown luxury hotels and the relentless whimsy of the youth-market boutiques. More...

77 Rooms
341 Verified Reviews

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The Bryant Park Hotel — A boutique hotel in Midtown, NYC

The Bryant Park Hotel

The American Radiator building is a strange and imposing landmark, a black-and-gold gothic skyscraper, towering above Bryant Park like something out of a comic book. How pleasantly surprising, then, to find that it houses a boutique hotel that is as sober and restrained as many of its competitors are loud and garish. Restrained doesn't mean boring—just that the Bryant Park hotel eschews the kind of flashy showmanship that has become all too familiar in the boutique hotel world. More...

129 Rooms
313 Verified Reviews

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The London NYC — a Midtown NYC Boutique hotel

The London NYC

Here's a Midtown Manhattan hotel that plays against type. The London NYC hotel is fresh off a thorough re-imagining at the hands of the Irish interior designer David Collins. But despite the name, the London NYC hotel steers mercifully clear of any kind of heavy-handed British-themed kitsch. Suites range from quite spacious all the way up to downright sprawling, a luxury indeed in a city where, as in London, hotel room square footage is at a premium. The look is muted but not minimalist, a sort of understated modernist luxury, with extra attention paid to the tangible comforts. More...

507 Rooms
231 Verified Reviews

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Refinery Hotel New York — boutique hotel in Midtown NYC

Refinery Hotel New York

Rooms are simple, elegant, quite spacious and sunny by New York boutique standards, and the décor mixes touchable textures of wood and leather with a little bit of Deco-inspired gloss. They're a bit like a classic suit — the refinement is in the simplicity and the detailing. Far less subtle is the feature that we think will turn out to be the Refinery's greatest asset, however; the rooftop lounge looks out over the Empire State Building, even in winter, when it's protected by a retractable glass roof. More...

197 Rooms
66 Verified Reviews

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Archer Hotel New York — boutique hotel in Midtown NYC

Archer Hotel New York

Just around the block from Bryant Park, in the midst of New York's garment district, the brand-new Archer Hotel goes all-out in its pursuit of a memorable identity: not only have they developed a strong visual style, they've instituted an approach to service that's equally distinctive. This, apparently, is thanks to the example set by your mysterious host — also named Archer, he's the embodiment of 21st-century Manhattan hospitality, a sort of modern-day Jeeves in a Dior Homme suit, perhaps, who strives discreetly behind the scenes to anticipate every need and satisfy every whim. More...

122 Rooms
48 Verified Reviews

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Langham Place, New York, Fifth Avenue — a luxury boutique hotel in Midtown New York

Langham Place, New York, Fifth Avenue

This sixty-story skyscraper joins the Empire State Building on the Midtown skyline, and the architecture, by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates, is suitably monumental. One might wonder if what's inside quite measures up to what's outside, but a look at these rich, modern and supremely confident interiors ought to put any worries to rest. The rooms start out large enough, and are realistically apartment-sized once you get into the suites, with their kitchens and soaking tubs. The whole range is stylish, generously lit by full-length windows, and furnished in state-of-the-art Italian designer comfort. More...

208 Rooms
15 Verified Reviews

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