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10 Best Boutique Hotels in NYC

With its cobblestone streets and cast-iron buildings, the historic district of SoHo is nothing if not distinctive. Once known for its affordable artists' lofts made from disused manufacturing spaces, it's now gone upscale, and is one of New York's retail centers, with everything from mainstream chain shops to one-off boutiques. The location places you at what's more or less the center of lower Manhattan, with everything from Union Square to the Financial District within easy reach. And it's long been a hotbed for great boutique hotels as well, from the early days of the boutique-hotel movement right up to the present day.

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SoHo sits between Houston Street & Canal Street (north to south) and Crosby Street & Sixth Avenue (east to west).

Crosby Street Hotel — A luxury boutique hotel in Soho, NYC

Crosby Street Hotel

A boutique hotel like Crosby Street is exactly what this city needs. The contrast between the downtown grit of the cobblestone street outside and the plush sophistication of the hotel's lobby is immediate, and striking. Say what you will about the bright colors and the decidedly un-minimal décor — it's a rare New York boutique hotel these days that presents so opinionated a face to the world. More...

263 Rooms
184 Verified Reviews

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Mercer Hotel — A luxury boutique hotel in SoHo, NYC

The Mercer

The Mercer Hotel is New York's first loft boutique hotel and captures the very essence of the area. Lofts are a uniquely SoHo phenomenon, pioneered by artists in the 1960s who took over the neighborhood's many abandoned warehouses. Loft living is about sunlight and leaving the original architecture intact, and at The Mercer, brickwork is exposed, windows are industry size, and iron support columns run from floor to ceiling. It's one of the few New York Boutique Hotels to boast wooden floors, and Christian Liaigre's spare furnishings are appropriately unobtrusive, because, as your downtown designer friend might say, the beauty of a place is in its empty spaces. More...

75 Rooms
134 Verified Reviews

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The James New York — boutique hotel in Soho NYC

The James New York

The James is one of several design-conscious, nightlife-oriented boutique hotels in this corner of the city, and while it's probably more Gotham classic than downtown scene kid, it sets itself apart with a couple of flourishes...but the bar, Jimmy, which, though it's modeled on a sort of idealized English pub, boasts a location like no pub we've seen — it opens onto the roof terrace, with its little plunge pool and its panoramic view of the Hudson and the downtown skyline. More...

114 Rooms
98 Verified Reviews

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The Broome — boutique hotel in Soho NYC

The Broome

Yes, you're reading that right. The Broome, with its 14 rooms, is an order of magnitude smaller than the typical downtown boutique hotel, and it's not hard to spot the connection between its small size and the fact that its atmosphere is uncommonly private for a New York hotel, especially one in busy SoHo. (Of course the inner courtyard, framing a surreal view of the open sky, doesn't hurt either.) More...

14 Rooms
16 Verified Reviews

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Sixty Soho — A boutique hotel in Soho, NYC

Sixty Soho

The location doesn't hurt, down one of SoHo's swankier streets, and a recent multi-million-dollar renovation by the London-based designer Tara Bernerd has left the interiors looking more vibrant than ever. The soaring loft-style guest rooms are still as quintessentially downtown as they come, equal parts luxury-hotel sheen and boutique-hotel funk, with high-end Italian linens, Dean & Deluca pantries (we used to call them minibars) and bathrooms that manage to be decadent and heavily marbled and yet youthfully stylish at the same time. More...

100 Rooms
417 Verified Reviews

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Nomo Soho — boutique hotel in Soho NYC

Nomo Soho

The hotel formerly known as the Mondrian Soho has gone solo. The newly christened NOMO SOHO retains the cinematic, neo-baroque design established by Benjamin Noriega Ortiz, and it turns out it's an excellent fit for the new concept: NoMo stands for "nostalgic and modern," a phrase that pretty well sums up what the New York hotel scene is all about at the moment. It's also a look that the guest rooms wear well. With a few carefully focused details, some clever furniture design and a generous helping of white space, they make the most of their square footage — and the floor-to-ceiling windows certainly don't hurt, either. More...

263 Rooms
246 Verified Reviews

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Soho Grand Hotel — Soho boutique hotel in NYC

Soho Grand

When it opened in 1996, the Grand was the first big SoHo boutique hotel, and its downtown location has continued to be a major factor in its identity. On the outside, with its cheery pink brick facade, the SoHo Grand resembles a brand-new shopping complex. But inside is a different story. Cast iron dogs stand guard at industrial design central — square lights, molded concrete walls, a coffee table the size of a grand piano. There's mesh wire glass everywhere, including on the writing desks in the rooms. The floors are the same stuff you see on New York sidewalks — corrugated steel for the elevators, and cast iron and glass for the stairs. More...

363 Rooms
356 Verified Reviews

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Hotel Hugo Soho — boutique hotel in Soho NYC

Hotel Hugo Soho

Hudson Square isn't a square, per se, so much as it is the western extremity of SoHo, or possibly the quadrilateral above Canal, if you're geometrically inclined. It was late to develop, which is good news if you're a hotelier — it means the best spots aren't already taken. Just ask the proprietors of the boutique Hotel Hugo, who managed to put up a purpose-built twenty-story, 122-room hotel building with views of the Hudson River. More...

122 Rooms
48 Verified Reviews

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11 Howard — a new boutique hotel in Soho New York

11 Howard

SoHo, formerly home to the artists' lofts that were New York's 20th-century Downtown signature, has, since around the turn of the millennium, gone steadily upscale — and steadily more international. Both trends find expression in 11 Howard, where contemporary Scandinavian design meets a more inclusive, less ostentatious version of luxury hospitality. It's the first independent hotel project for architect Anda Andrei, after decades as the designer behind Ian Schrager's path-breaking boutique hotel projects. Produced in collaboration with Danish designers Space Copenhagen, 11 Howard avoids the sort of wall-to-wall bling that's sometimes synonymous with New York hotels. More...

221 Rooms
26 Verified Reviews

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11 Howard — a new boutique hotel in Soho New York

Arlo Soho

Arlo's are small, even by local boutique hotel standards — but if you want a suite spacious enough to swing a cat in (this is a figure of speech, please do not swing cats) and you want it in Lower Manhattan, the economics are not in your favor. And here, while the rooms are compact, they're plenty comfortable, finding space for mini-fridges and work desks, and, if you're lucky, opening onto an outdoor terrace. Just pack decisively. More...

221 Rooms
35 Verified Reviews

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