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4 Best Boutique Hotels in London
Covent Garden

Covent Garden is the fun one, packed full of shops, pubs, restaurants, and theatres — while neighboring Holborn is slightly more reserved, adjacent to bookish Bloomsbury and the British Museum. Here you'll find everything from Firmdale boutique hotels to the luxury hotels of the Strand, including the Savoy, London's most famous hotel.

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  1. Covent Garden Hotel
    10 Monmouth Street
  2. The Savoy
    336-337 The Strand
  3. One Aldwych
    1 Aldwych
  4. ME London
    336-337 The Strand

Covent Garden Hotel — boutique hotel in Covent Garden Holborn, London

Covent Garden Hotel

Covent Garden/Holborn

On a narrow side street in the bustling and chic Covent Garden district of London's West End, this splendidly theatrical small hotel's exclusive atmosphere and central location make it the perfect London pied-à-terre for visiting actors, professional shoppers, and savvy yet indulgent travelers. Once inside, you'll find the reception desk framed by lavish draperies—a nod to the stage curtains of the surrounding theatre district—and behind, a heavy stone staircase leading to the guest rooms upstairs. More...

58 Rooms
108 Verified Reviews

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The Savoy — A Classic London Luxury hotel in Covent Garden

The Savoy

Covent Garden/Holborn

The Savoy is after all, the original luxury boutique hotel, or at very least the original London luxury hotel. A hotel whose influence is positively Beatlesque, if you'll forgive the comparison — Beatlesque in the sense that everything that's happened in high-end hotels since the 1890s is arguably just a variation on a theme introduced by César Ritz, the Savoy's original general manager, who counts electric lights and en-suite bathrooms among his hospitality innovations. (Yes, that Ritz.) More...

268 Rooms
15 Verified Reviews

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One Aldwych — A boutique hotel on Covent Garden London

One Aldwych

Covent Garden/Holborn

At first glance one could mistake One Aldwych for just another entry in the luxe-boutique competition—but that would be like your nephew hearing John Lennon for the first time and thinking it sounds a bit like Oasis. The difference is that One Aldwych has been at it longer than the new kids, and brings to the table some unique and idiosyncratic charms that today's committee-designed chain boutiques would never have thought of. More...

105 Rooms
68 Verified Reviews

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ME London — A boutique hotel in Bloomsbury London

ME London

Covent Garden/Holborn

As you'd expect from a new-build Norman Foster boutique hotel in the heart of London, it's a big deal. Big, sweeping architectural statements are made, especially in the nine-story pyramid-shaped atrium, while private revelations abound — the top-floor terraces have unrivaled views, and the suite in the corner tower boasts a 360-degree exposure. The interiors are crisp and modern, the rooms and suites reinforcing contemporary London's international character. More...

153 Rooms
11 Verified Reviews

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