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7 Best Boutique Hotels in London

They say London is a city of villages (and now boutique hotels), but Marylebone is one of just a few neighborhoods that retains its village character. Landmarks include Oxford Circus, Regent's Park, Madame Tussaud's, and, for Sherlock Holmes devotees, the fictitious 221b Baker Street.

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  1. Chiltern Firehouse
    1 Chiltern Street
  2. The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone
    28-30 Seymour Street
  3. The Arch London
    50 Great Cumberland Place
  4. Dorset Square Hotel
    39-40 Dorset Square
  5. The Marylebone
    47 Welbeck Street
  6. The Mandeville Hotel
    8-12 Mandeville Place
  7. The Langham London
    1c Portland Place, Regent Street

Chiltern Firehouse — luxury boutique hotel in Marylebone, London

Chiltern Firehouse


Chiltern Firehouse is as notable for its restaurant as for a boutique hotel, and it certainly helps that the chef is Nuno Mendes, formerly of Viajante, at Bethnal Green's Town Hall — even in restaurant-mad London, he's a unique talent, and his cooking is well worth the hype. The setting, in a converted Victorian firehouse in a corner of Marylebone that's in the midst of something of a renaissance, is suitably full of character; explorers will appreciate the option to hop on complimentary Shinola bicycles and see it all firsthand. More...

26 Rooms
6 Verified Reviews

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The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone Hotel — Marylebone boutique hotel in London

The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone


Behind the doors of this Georgian townhouse are twenty-four rooms decorated in a meticulously art-directed style. The rooms and suites steer clear of the relentless opulence that's come to dominate London's high-end hotels; the entry-level rooms are attainably compact, though still subtly luxe, while the best suite spreads out over an entire floor, complete with an open-air bath on the roof terrace. More...

21 Rooms
79 Verified Reviews

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The Arch London — A Marylebone boutique hotel in London

The Arch London


There's no shortage of other places to stay in the vicinity, but none so stylish; despite its Georgian heritage, the Arch's designers haven't been shy about updating the look. It's got a bit of industrial edge, a bit of clean-lined modern design, and more than a bit of traditional coziness — though business travelers will by no means feel out of place, the Arch seems tailor-made for romance. More...

82 Rooms
75 Verified Review

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Dorset Square Hotel — classic luxury hotel in Marylebone London

Dorset Square Hotel


Longtime Kit Kemp watchers — there must be more than a few of you out there — might remember that the Dorset Square Hotel was Tim and Kit's first boutique hotel venture, a sort of rough draft for their extremely successful Firmdale Hotels brand. It was eventually sold off, but not forgotten — now a decade later it's back in the Firmdale fold, and there's nothing at all rough about it. Kit Kemp's design sense is the Firmdale hotels' most remarked-upon aspect, and it's true that Dorset Square, visually speaking, is as stunning as you'd expect. More...

38 Rooms
80 Verified Reviews

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The Marylebone — A hip boutique hotel in Marylebone London

The Marylebone


Naming a hotel after a neighborhood is a clear sign that your aim is to more or less sum the place up, and in that the Marylebone succeeds. With 257 rooms and suites it's not exactly a mom-and-pop operation, but the Marylebone rarely feels anywhere near as large as it is. The style is 20th-century classic, with some Art Deco overtones, and if the standard rooms aren't quite palatial in size, the feel is luxe boutique hotel through and through. More...

257 Rooms
84 Verified Reviews

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The Mandeville Hotel — A London boutique hotel in Marylebone area

The Mandeville Hotel


With a hundred and forty-two rooms, it would be pushing it to call the Mandeville a "boutique" hotel. But more than many high-end hotels, it's got an aesthetic all its own. Call it a design hotel, but one for fashion designers, not architects and other monochrome types. The bedrooms aren't enormous, but they are exceedingly plush, with the kind of bathrooms you won't mind spending time in, and the kind of bath products you'll want to stow away for use at home. More...

142 Rooms
150 Verified Reviews

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The Langham London — A luxury hotel London

The Langham


One of London's original luxury hotels, the Langham opened in 1865, and was, at the time, the most opulent hotel in Europe. By the end of the Second World War it had closed, and was owned for a time by the BBC — but now that it's back under the banner of the (now Hong Kong–based) Langham Hospitality Group, it's been restored to its former glory, and is again a major player on the Marylebone boutique hotel scene. Tradition is very much the name of the game here, though it's not a strict reproduction of the original — the interiors have been subtly updated, but remain true to the Victorian spirit of the place. This means it's a fair bit less glossy and jewel-encrusted than some of London's more ostentatious hotels, and feels much more connected to the city's historical character. More...

380 Rooms

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