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10 Best Boutique Hotels in London

It's only natural that a neighborhood that's home to so many embassies, hedge funds, and corporate headquarters — not to mention the custom tailors of Savile Row — would also be home to some of London's finest luxury & boutique hotels. You'll want a private car and driver if you're going to blend in.

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  1. The Beaumont Hotel
    8 Balderton Street, Brown Hart Gardens
  2. 45 Park Lane
    45 Park Lane
  3. The Connaught
    Carlos Place
  4. The Claridge's
    Brook Street
  5. The Dorchester
    Park Lane
  6. Flemings Mayfair
    7-12 Half Moon Street
  7. Brown's Hotel
    33 Albemarle Street
  8. The May Fair
    Stratton Street
  9. COMO Metropolitain London
    Old Park Lane
  10. The Athenaeum
    116 Piccadilly

The Beaumont Hotel — luxury boutique hotel in Mayfair, London

The Beaumont Hotel


Restaurateurs Chris Corbin and Jeremy King have no shortage of expertise in creating spaces that are quintessentially, nostalgically London — the Ivy, the Wolseley, the Delaunay. But for their first luxuery boutique hotel, they've patterned the Beaumont after a fictional Roaring Twenties New York member's club of their own invention. It's in Mayfair, between Grosvenor Square and Selfridges, and despite its American accent, it's about as Mayfair as a 21st-century hotel can get, right down to the brash, slightly puzzling piece of quasi-public art that adorns its Twenties Art Deco facade. More...

73 Rooms
2 Verified Reviews

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45 Park Lane — A Mayfair luxury boutique hotel in London

45 Park Lane


However fantastically luxe 45 Park Lane is, itmanages to maintain an air of self-composed, stylish understatement. With just 45 rooms and suites (surely that's no coincidence) 45 Park Lane is a boutique hotel, even as it offers a grand-hotel experience. CUT is the flagship restaurant, an upscale steakhouse by none other than Wolfgang Puck, and the fitness studio and in-room massage treatments, as well as the restaurant situation, are augmented by the presence of 45 Park Lane's sister hotel, the Dorchester, right next door. More...

45 Rooms
1 Verified Reviews

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The Connaught — A 5 star luxury hotel in Mayfair, London

The Connaught


In days past the Connaught was as old-school as can be, a bastion of country-house pomp in the heart of Mayfair. Today, after extensive renovations and a redesign by Guy Oliver, it's less the archetypal country manor and more the archetypal London Boutique hotel, which sounds like a dismissal but isn't actually; these interiors won't shock you with their originality, but the muted colors and clean lines, along with judiciously preserved traditional references, project just the right atmosphere of stately seriousness. More...

121 Rooms
16 Verified Reviews

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Claridge's — classic luxury hotel in London



Claridge's is by any lights one of the best hotels in London, and it's almost certainly the poshest. Even today, this Mayfair landmark luxury hotel — where the crowned heads of Europe came to wait out the Second World War — remains splendidly and timelessly Art Deco. Stroll past the black awning into an entry foyer with Lalique vases, gilded columns, a sweeping staircase ornamented with brass banister that is polished daily. The elevators are manually operated — not by the guests, either — and each contains a sofa for lounging. More...

203 Rooms
34 Verified Reviews

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The Dorchester — A luxury hotel in Mayfair London

The Dorchester


The Dorchester is the grand hotel the way it ought to be. Not stuffy, but upright; not excessive, but opulent; and all in that country-estate style, transported to the city, which seemed to make so much sense at the time. The location is unbeatable, at least for leisure travelers, just across from Hyde Park, and the service is of the discreet and professional variety, treating A-listers and no-listers alike as though they were visiting royalty. More...

250 Rooms
15 Verified Reviews

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Flemings Mayfair — A London townhouse boutique hotel in Mayfair

Flemings Mayfair


Flemings Mayfair has kept a sense of perspective about itself. It's a posh boutique hotel, but not aggressively exclusive; stylish, but not overcooked; and while it's unapologetically high-end it's not quite stratospheric. Simply put, you don't have to own property in Mayfair to stay here. It's stitched together from twelve connected Georgian townhouses, which means it comes by its classic atmosphere honestly. And while the décor is definitely contemporary, it's got the feeling of an evolution rather than a revolution — the interiors do no disservice to the architecture that surrounds them. More...

129 Rooms
38 Verified Reviews

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Brown's Hotel — A traditional boutique hotel in Mayfair London

Brown's Hotel


Boutique hotels come and go, but a few of London's top hotels have been in it for the long haul. At the end of the last century Brown's, a fixture since 1837, was starting to show its age. But after a big-ticket renovation (the top-to-bottom Olga Polizzi treatment) it's back in business, as grand, refined and quintessentially English as it must have been back in its 19th-century prime. The interiors, though, are an updated, contemporary take on the classic London hotel, managing to come off cultured and clubby while at the same time looking quite a bit more modern and sophisticated than the standard country-house drag. More...

117 Rooms
15 Verified Reviews

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The May Fair Hotel — A London boutique hotel in Mayfair

The May Fair


Nobody's about to mistake the old May Fair for the Sanderson, but after a top-to-bottom £70m renovation, it's looking like a shockingly up-to-date boutique hotel. It's plain they've learned some lessons from the new breed of design hotels: the May Fair Bar is stylish and modern, packing in a hip West End crowd. The bedrooms are still oversized and as luxurious as they come, and now they're utterly modern too, slightly minimalist in muted earth tones. Quince, a modern European restaurant with Moroccan influences, forgoes the usual formality of five-star dining for a more casual shared-plate approach. More...

404 Rooms
229 Verified Reviews

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COMO Metropolitaan London — A modern boutique hotel in Mayfair London

COMO Metropolitaan London


The Metropolitan is the apotheosis of the trendy boutique hotel concept—and we don't mean 'trendy' in a pejorative sense, but rather as a simple statement of fact. Some boutique hotels aim to impersonate down-home country charm, others old-money aristocracy; the Metropolitan, and the genre it stands for, aims to welcome guests into an exclusive society that appreciates the most minute signifiers of cool, from the sleek black designer uniforms on the receptionists to the meticulously feng shui'd guest rooms, minimal and Zen, yes, but not trying too hard—that would be fashion suicide. More...

150 Rooms
166 Verified Reviews

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The Athenaeum Hotel — A modern boutique hotel in Mayfair London

The Athenaeum


During the Eighties it was more or less Hollywood East, but as the American film stars have spread all over London, the Athenaeum's clientele has diversified. There's a strong current of modernism running throughout, this boutique hotel which of course plays well with the Art Deco elements, and the overall impression is perhaps more contemporary than you'd expect. A vertical garden wall by Patrick Blanc adorns the corner of the façade, and the rooms are urban through and through, without a hint of country-house kitsch — though the views, especially those of Green Park, are surprisingly verdant. More...

164 Rooms
2 Verified Reviews

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