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Best Boutique Hotels in NYC
Upper East Side

Just to the east of Central Park, the Upper East Side is a largely residential district, and not a shabby one, either — this is where you'll find the Gossip Girl version of upscale Manhattan life (and the luxury shopping to match). It's also where you'll find a high concentration of extraordinary museums, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many more.

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  1. The Mark Hotel
    Madison Avenue at 77th Street
  2. The Lowell
    28 East 63rd Street
  3. The Carlyle
    35 East 76th Street
  4. The Surrey
    20 East 76th Street

Uptown is considered the area north of 59th Street which encompasses Central Park. The Upper East Side follows 5th Avenue up to 96th Street.

The Mark Hotel — A luxury hotel the Upper East Side, NYC

The Mark Hotel

Upper East Side

It's about as far as you can get — both figuratively and literally — from the funky downtown boutique hotels of lower Manhattan. The Mark is the very picture of classic, timeless luxury hotels with Upper East Side poshness, in spite of — or maybe even because of — its recent, extremely thorough renovation. And in its present incarnation it's proof that old money doesn't necessarily imply old-fashioned. More...

152 Rooms
65 Verified Reviews

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The Lowell Hotel — A luxury hotel on the Upper East Side, NYC

The Lowell

There's plenty of flashy, ostentatious luxury to be found in New York, if that's your style, but the Lowell, on Manhattan's posh Upper East Side, presents an alternative vision for a luxury hotel. Around here there's still some affection for an understated sort of luxury hotel, and anyone who's nonplussed by the Lowell's lobby — where's the soaring atrium, the million-dollar art installation? — need only bear this fact in mind. More...

74 Rooms
10 Verified Reviews

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The Carlyle — A boutique hotel in Upper East Side, NYC

The Carlyle

This is the old-world, old-money face of Manhattan, the Upper East Side, where the wealthy (including the occasional head of state) pass their time, leaving downtown to the trend-chasers and aspirants. For many of us a trip to The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel, is as close as we can ever come to the storybook New York of days gone by, when Marilyn may have been whisked through the side entrance for an appointment with JFK. More...

190 Rooms
16 Verified Reviews

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The Surrey — boutique hotel in lower Upper East Side, NYC

The Surrey

The Surrey pretty well puts to bed any notions of the design-oriented boutique hotel being in any way a downtown phenomenon. Manhattan's Upper East Side is known for conservative interiors, conservative architecture, and a conservative crowd, but a closer look at the newly renovated Surrey — and the clever, subtle work of the designer, Lauren Rottet — reveals that there's a bit more to it than that. More...

189 Rooms
7 Verified Reviews

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