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10 Best Boutique Hotels
Los Angeles

The unofficial capital of the West Coast is synonymous with sun, surf, and Hollywood, among other things. But the Los Angleles area spans everything from laid-back beach towns to Beverly Hills to a newly revitalized Downtown. Here, more than in most cities, your experience will be dictated by the location & boutique hotel you choose.

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"Los Angeles" is a sprawling mix of multiple communities and other cities, including itself, the City of Los Angeles. It all makes for some confusion to those who are not familiar so always reference a map when planning to visit L.A. For our purposes, we're focusing primarily on the areas west of downtown — West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood & Santa Monica. Public transporation is not really a good option for travellers so car rental or car/ride service is the best bet.

Hotel Bel-Air — 5 star luxury boutique hotel in Los Angeles

Hotel Bel-Air


Built in 1946 in a style that can only be described as romantic Mediterranean, the Hotel Bel-Air, with its rose-colored mission-style bungalows, is about as elite a hideaway as you can find. Hidden by bougainvillea, ficus, orange blossom, and fern, on eighteen acres right in the middle of LA's most exclusive suburb, the grounds of this luxury boutique hotel are mapped by terracotta passageways, and the reception area lies just beyond an arched stone bridge. More...

103 Rooms
22 Verified Reviews

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Beverly Hills Hotel — the iconic 5 star luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California

Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills

The Pink Palace has, in true Hollywood fashion, had some work done; nothing shocking, just a hundred-million-dollar renovation in an effort to stay competitive with a new generation. Even without the glow of celebrities long since faded, it's a stunning luxury hotel. The standard rooms are lavish enough, mixing modern amenities like Frette linens and oversized bathrooms with 1940s Hollywood-classic decor, complete with private balconies. For true luxury, take advantage of the sprawling hacienda-style grounds by booking one of the bungalows. More...

208 Rooms
16 Verified Reviews

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The London West Hollywood — luxury 5 star boutique hotel in West Hollywood near Beverly Hills

The London West Hollywood

West Hollywood

The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills (closer to the BH end) is the successor to the London NYC, bringing its trademark grown-up luxury to the Sunset Strip, courtesy of David Collins.The London isn't small, and neither are its 226 suites. Balconies and terraces are universal, and between the retro-influenced Collins-designed décor and the oversized spa-like bathrooms, they're more like pleasure palaces than luxury hotel rooms. More...

226 Suites
142 Verified Reviews

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Mr. C Beverly Hills — A small Beverly Hills 5 star luxury hotel

Mr. C Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Mr. C looks the way you want a Beverly Hills boutique hotel to look — clean and crisp, sure, but classic as well, the sort of place that, in spite of its contemporary sheen, takes you back to a (possibly mythical) golden age of Hollywood glamour. Imagine a stylized black-and-white version of a Parisian luxury hotel, transplanted to sunny California, and you're most of the way there — though the shell of the former Tower Beverly Hills remains, inside it's utterly transformed. The C in this case is presumed to stand for Cipriani; the family of restaurateurs, it seems, is trying its hand at hospitality, and Mr. C is a supremely confident first attempt. More...

137 Rooms
13 Verified Reviews

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Viceroy L'Ermitage — A private 5 star luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Viceroy L'Ermitage

Beverly Hills

L'Ermitage aims for a Zen feel but it's in the details that the hotel is truly Asian (it's now owned by the Singapore luxury hotel chain Raffles). The towels by the heated rooftop pool are, at 88 inches, the longest in America. There's a lacquer box of chocolates in your room so beautiful that hardly anyone has dared to eat them. There's not one kind of bathrobe, but two — for those of you who just can't stand terrycloth, you can have waffled cotton instead. But it's the service that makes L'Ermitage truly exceptional. More...

119 Rooms
13 Verified Reviews

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The Redbury — all suite boutique hotel in Hollywood Los Angeles

The Redbury


It's hard to believe there could ever be an "LA look," given the breadth and diversity of this SoCal megalopolis, but the Redbury's interiors are notable first of all for how successfully they break the Hollywood boutique hotel mold. Minimalist modernism seems miles away here. The Redbury is an all-suite property, each around a thousand square feet, with private patios or balconies, gas ranges in the kitchens. More...

57 Suites
13 Verified Reviews

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Palihouse West Hollywood — extended stay boutique hotel in West Hollywood

Palihouse West Hollywood

West Hollywood

Though the phrase "extended stay" may summon images of dreary corporate apartments, Palihouse West Hollywood proves that it's a concept that can be done in high style. Boasting boutique hotel looks alongside apartment-scale space and a discreet low-maintenance atmosphere, it's quite a change from the paper-thin walls and late-night circus ambiance of the typical high-design establishment. More...

37 Rooms
102 Verified Reviews

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Oceana Beach Club — A Santa Monica luxury boutique hotel in Los Angeles

Oceana Beach Club

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is exactly that popular image of LA as an oasis of mellowness — it's got the beach, the pier, the promenade, and it's got boutique hotels like the all-suite Oceana. Here, unlike a lot of urban boutique hotels, you'll find nothing edgy at all. Colors are sunny and soft, the interiors homey and contemporary, and small comforts are plentiful. More...

70 Rooms
82 Verified Reviews

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Chateau Marmont Hotel — A classic 5 star luxury hotel in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Chateau Marmont

West Hollywood

Of all the haunted hotels, the Chateau Marmont has to be the most glamorous. Located on LA's Sunset Strip, it is where Clark Gable and Jean Harlow got sizzling while she was on her honeymoon with another man. Howard Hughes got himself a penthouse and a pair of binoculars and spied on the girls by the pool. This luxury hotel is pure movie set. Constructed along the specifications of the Loire Chateau Amboise, it is a perfect eighteenth-century replica, fluted pillars graced by ivy and untouched by mold, with a swimming pool to boot. The lobby is dramatic, with gothic vaulted ceilings and dark wood. More...

63 Rooms
70 Verified Reviews

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Sunset Marquis — A luxury 5 star hotel with villas in West Hollywood Los Angeles

Sunset Marquis

West Hollywood

Hard to believe this is West Hollywood. The massively renovated Sunset Marquis is so exquisitely private, and the Bar 1200 so strict with its admissions, that one need never be reminded of the throngs of celeb-watchers and velvet-ropers that beset most of LA's other hot spots. This exclusive atmosphere (and possibly the state-of-the-art recording studio) is the key to the Sunset Marquis's rock-star appeal — though unlike some rock-and-roll hotels, this one's decor avoids retro kitsch and glam decadence, opting instead for an understated modern style, all clean lines and rich earth tones. And the low-lying two-story villa construction takes some of the fun out of heaving television sets out windows. More...

152 Rooms
68 Verified review

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